Academic Catalog Models for 2018 Fall

Academic Catalog Models for 2018 Fall

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AAS.AAEXE Office Assistant-Executive
AAS.AALEG Office Assistant-Legal
AAS.AAMED Office Assistant-Medical
AAS.ACC Accounting
AAS.ADN Associate Degree Nurse
AAS.AGBUS Agriculture Business & Supply
AAS.AGPRO Agriculture Production & Management
AAS.AGPWR Ag Power Technology
AAS.AUTO Automotive Technology
AAS.BCT Building Construction Technology
AAS.CAD Computer Aided Design Technology
AAS.CET Civil Engineering Technology
AAS.CETAT CET/Advanced Technical Studies
AAS.CETCO Civil Engineering Technology - Coop
AAS.CFS Child And Family Services
AAS.CIM Robotic & Automated Manufacturing
AAS.DH Dental Hygiene
AAS.DPGD Graphic Design
AAS.ECE Early Childhood Care and Education
AAS.EET Electronics Engineering Technology
AAS.EETES Electronics Systems Specialist
AAS.HIMC Medical Coding & Health Information
AAS.HRT Horticulture
AAS.HSP.BUS Human Services-Business
AAS.HSP.CRJ Human Services - Criminal Justice
AAS.HSP.DIT Human Services-Dietetics
AAS.HSP.EDU Human Services - Education
AAS.HSP.HEA Human Services - Health
AAS.HSP.PSY Human Services - Psychology
AAS.HSP.SOC Human Services - Sociology
AAS.ITAPS IT-Computer Applications
AAS.ITNET IT-Network Administration
AAS.ITPRO IT-Programming
AAS.ITWEB IT- Web Technology
AAS.JDAT John Deere Tech
AAS.LE Law Enforcement
AAS.MAP Medical Assistant
AAS.MECH Applied Engineering Technology
AAS.MET Mechanical-Electrical Technology
AAS.MGT Management
AAS.MKTG Marketing
AAS.OFMGT Office Manager
AAS.PLM Plastics Manufacturing
AAS.PRPRO Paraprofessional Educator
AAS.PRTE Production Technician
AAS.PS Paramedical Services
AAS.PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
AAS.RNRG Renewable Energy
AAS.RTV Radio/TV Broadcasting
AAS.WEL Welding
ALS.LIB Associate In Liberal Studies
CRT.ACC Accounting
CRT.AGBUS Ag Business
CRT.AGPWR Ag Power Technology
CRT.AUTO Auto Mechanic
CRT.BCT Building Construction
CRT.CAD Computer-Aided Drafting
CRT.COMTC Computer Technician
CRT.COS Cosmetology
CRT.COSTR Cosmetology Teacher
CRT.CROP Crop Production
CRT.DPGD Desktop Publishing
CRT.ECT Electronic Control Technician
CRT.EMKT Electronic Marketing
CRT.ESTH Esthetics
CRT.HRT Horticulture
CRT.HVAC Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
CRT.INDMT Industrial Maintenance
CRT.ITAPS IT-Computer Applications
CRT.ITDMS IT-Digital Media Specialist
CRT.ITGD IT-Computer Game Development
CRT.ITNET IT-Network Administration
CRT.ITPROG IT-Programming
CRT.ITWEB IT-Web Technology
CRT.LVST Livestock Production
CRT.MAP Medical Assistant
CRT.MAP.TRK Medical Assistant-Track
CRT.MCS Medical Coding Specialist
CRT.MDTRN Medical Transcriptionist
CRT.MKTG Marketing
CRT.MT Massage Therapy
CRT.NCCP Nanny Child Care Provider
CRT.OFREC Office Receptionist
CRT.PLMT Plastics Manufacturing Technician
CRT.PN Practical Nursing
CRT.PRPRO Paraprofessional Education
CRT.PS Paramedical Services
CRT.RBRD Radio Broadcasting
CRT.REMG Renewable Energy Management
CRT.RENEW Renewable Energy Technician
CRT.RTVAN Broadcast Announcing
CRT.SALES Professional Sales
CRT.WEL Welding Technology
NDP.BMAN Basic Manufacturing
NDP.BNA Basic Nursing Assistant
NDP.BWEL Basic Welding
NDP.CJL Criminal Justice Leadership
NDP.CMPAP Computer Applications Specialist
NDP.CNCP CNC Programmer
NDP.CT Computer Systems
NDP.CTDT Commercial Truck Driver Training
NDP.EMS Emergency Medical Services
NDP.ENTRE Entrepreneurship
NDP.GIS Geospatial Technology
NDP.ITLC Launchcode
NDP.LEO Law Enforcement Operations
NDP.MGT Management
NDP.MSP Manufacturing Skills I
NDP.NA Basic Nurse Assisting
NDP.OFSK.GEN Office Support Specialist
NDP.OFSK.MED Office Support Specialist-Medical
NDP.OFSK.MOS Office Support Specialist-Microsoft Office
NDP.PLC Programmable Logic Controllers
NDP.PST Public Safety Telecommunicator
NDP.RSWR Residential Wiring
NDP.SNRG Sustainable Energy
NDP.TVFS TV Field/Studio Production


AA.AGR Agriculture
AA.BA Business
AA.BE Business Education
AA.CJS Criminal Justice
AA.ECHED Early Childhood Education
AA.ECO Economics
AA.ELED Elementary Education
AA.ENG English
AA.HEAED Health Education
AA.HIS History
AA.LAS Liberal Arts
AA.MAED Mathematics Education
AA.MATH Mathematics
AA.OTH Other Major
AA.PHYED Physical Education
AA.PNUR Pre-Nursing
AA.PS Political Science
AA.PSY Psychology
AA.PVET Pre-Veterinary Medicine
AA.REC Recreation
AA.SCED.BIO Secondary Education-Biology
AA.SPCH Communication Studies
AA.SPED Special Education
AA.SSW Sociology/Social Work
AA.UND Undecided
AES.ENGR Associate In Engineering Science
AS.BIOL Bioscience Non-Teaching
AS.CHEM Chemistry
AS.CLSC Clinical Laboratory Science
AS.CONSF Conservation/Pre-Forestry
AS.CONSW Conservation/Pre-Wildlife
AS.EASC Earth Science
AS.ENSC Environmental Science
AS.PCHI Pre-Chiropractic
AS.PDEN Pre-Dental
AS.PENG Pre-Engineering
AS.PHYS Physics
AS.PMED Pre-Medicine
AS.PPHM Pre-Pharmacy
AS.PPTH Pre-Physical Therapy
AS.SCED.CHM Secondary Education-Chemistry
AS.SCED.PHY Secondary Education-Physics


AAS.ADN.TRK Associate Degree Nurse - Track
AAS.DH.TRK Dental Hygiene - Track
AAS.MAP.TRK Medical Assistant Track
AAS.PTA.TRK Physical Therapist Assistant - Track
CRT.COS.TRK Cosmetology - Track
CRT.ESTH.TRK Esthetics-Track
CRT.MT.TRK Massage Therapy - Track
CRT.PN.TRK Practical Nursing - Track
CRT.XABR Automotive Body
CRT.XBAC Basic Auto Certificate I
CRT.XHRP Horticulture Production
CRT.XWEL Welding Technology
NDP.XAM Basic Auto Certificate II
NDP.XBWEL Basic Welding
NDP.XCA1 Culinary Arts I
NDP.XCA2 Culinary Arts II
NDP.XCM Custodial Technician
NDP.XCO1 Construction Occupations I
NDP.XCO2 Construction Occupations II
NDP.XHRT Fundamentals of Horticulture
NDP.XMSP Manufacturing Skills I
NDP.XRMTI Restaurant Management I
NDP.XRMTII Restaurant Management II
NDP.XWDP Warehousing & Distribution Specialist

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