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Academic Standards and Regulations

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Importance of Attending Class

Because regular, punctual classroom attendance is considered important for quality performance and success, students are expected to punctually attend all meetings of classes in which they are enrolled. Instructors or divisions have the prerogative to determine minimum requirements; oftentimes these requirements are determined by accrediting and credential-granting agencies. Instructors also have the prerogative of lowering grades for unexcused absences. Because the Illinois Community College Board requires instructors to certify the attendance of students at mid-term, an instructor may withdraw a student from class if the number of absences is detrimental to his/her ability to meet the course objectives. In case of prolonged absence because of illness, accident, or hospitalization, students must notify the College Health Services so that proper notification can be made to instructors. Student absences for the purpose of attending regular National Guard or military reserve unit activities, volunteer emergency worker duty, and jury duty will be considered excused absences upon submission of appropriate documentation to the course instructor.

Lake Land College will reasonably accommodate student absences for religious observances in accordance with the University Religious Observations Act (110 ILCS 110/1 and 110/1.5) in regards to admissions, class attendance and the scheduling of examinations and work requirements. Students faced with schedule conflicts related to religious observances should make prior arrangements with instructors at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the examination or other activity involved. A student who believes that he or she has been unreasonably denied an educational benefit due to his or her religious beliefs or practices may appeal the decision in accordance with the College’s Student Concerns and Grievances Procedures.