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Earth Science - ESC
Physical Geology
ESC 100

Physical geology stresses the basic geologic concepts and processes that are responsible for creating and shaping the Earth. Materials covered include the topics of: rocks, minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes, stream erosion, wind erosion, glaciers groundwater, Earth interior, plate tectonics, and gravity.

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Weather and Climate
ESC 102

This course emphasizes the dynamics of the atmosphere with focuses on atmospheric evolution, seasonal controls of climate, human impacts, atmospheric humidity, air pressure, severe weather, and climate classification. Extensive use of Internet resources and software will be required.

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Physical Geography
ESC 104

Stresses the physical environment of earth. Emphasis is placed upon basic concepts in geography with a focus on the biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Extensive use of Internet resources and software will be required for this course.

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Introduction to Geographic Info Systems
ESC 106

Introduction to basic Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts, using the ArcView GIS software program. Course will focus on developing both a theoretical background in the technology and real world applications using GIS techniques.

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Advanced Vector GIS
ESC 114

This six-module course introduces ArcGIS and provides the foundation for becoming a successful ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo user. Students learn how to use ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox and see how they work together to provide a complete GIS software solution.

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Special Topics in GIS Science
ESC 085

Designed to provide an essential background in the application of geospatial science to a topic of societal interest. May be repeated for credit if a different topic is taught. (Repeatable 3 Times)

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