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Mechanical Electrical Technology - MET
D.C. Circuits
MET 040

This course introduces the student to basic theory of DC electricity.

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A.C. Circuits
MET 042

This course presents the theory of AC electricity and the application of transformers and distribution equipment.

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Motors and Generators
MET 043

This course focuses on the installation, maintenance and application of motors, equipment and controls.

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Introduction to Robotics
MET 044

Introduced concepts of robotics by examining the history of robots, how robots are classified, how they fit into the manufacturing picture, and what is needed to program them.

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Supervised Occupational Experience
MET 076

Designed to provide work experience in field while maintaining contact with occupational instructor for review and assistance.

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Solid State Devices & Apps
MET 080

Provides the student with a basic understanding of the most frequently used discrete semiconductors. Analog and digital integrated circuits also are studied.

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Technical Mechanisms
MET 084

Focuses on motion analysis of mechanical system components such as linkages, slider-crank mechanisms, working connectors, cams, gears and gear trains.

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Mechanical Drive Systems
MET 045

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of mechanical drive systems and components. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to: install, analyze performance, maintain, and troubleshoot heavy duty mechanical transmission systems. (Repeatable 3 Times)

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