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Philosophy - PHI
Intro to Philosophy/Religion
PHI 230

Course shows how application of techniques of philosophical analysis assist clarification of cognitive and conceptual problems in religious belief. Outline introduction to Western philosophy; philosophical methodology; concept of God and theistic belief; religious language; religious experience; religious beliefs and religious doctrine. (Canterbury Program Only)

World Religions
PHI 232

This course is designed to promote cultural diversity associated with religious practices. It includes a survey of religious systems and examines concepts and theories related to the nature of deities, good and evil, reason and faith, ethics, and afterlife.

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Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 270

An introduction to philosophical questioning and reasoning. This course will include an historical survey of western philosophy focusing on the development of specific branches within the field, including epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of science, and social/political philosophy.

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PHI 280

Introduction to issues and theories of ethics. Includes historical survey of major value systems and contemporary issues.

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Intro to Logic
PHI 290

Introduction to formal reasoning, including: language and meaning, deduction and induction, evidence, syllogistic argument and science and hypotheses.

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