One Year to a New Career - Lake Land College One Year to a New Career!
Statistics show that on average, adults change jobs 10 times throughout their lives...what are you destined to do next?

Welding StudentAt Lake Land College there are more than 50 technical programs that are designed to move students from college into the workforce in a relatively short period of time. Students who complete their program and demonstrate a well defined level of proficiency will be awarded a technical certificate. Technical certificate programs are available in most of the occupational areas for which the college offers an associate degree. Programs range from medical coding and nursing to electronics, computers and renewable energy.

Highlights of Technical Programs at Lake Land

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  • Certificate programs are three semesters or less, moving students through the coursework in no more than a year's time.
  • Faculty assist students in securing hands-on experiences in the workforce through internships, practicums and SOEs or specialized occupational experiences.
  • Students can tag on a year-long technical program to another degree whether it's an associate degree or multiple certificate programs, which can give students a broader skill set when looking for a job.


Click here to learn more about the certificate programs at Lake Land College to see which one might suit you best.

Researching the growth, salary range and skill set required for a specific career choice is a good way to determine if a career is for you. Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at to find information on educational requirement, job trends and salaries.

Not sure what you want to do or what career suits your personality the best? There are many resources to help you! Check out At this web site, you can take a Career Matchmaker assessment which will ask you a series of questions and based on your personal responses, match you to career options best for you.

Already know your skillset and personality? Check out to review the Occupational Outlook Handbook where you can explore career options based on salary, job growth and training needs.

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Don't forget Career Services at Lake Land! Whether it's help writing a resume, practicing interview questions or finding a career choice for you, Career Services does it all! Contact them at or (217) 234-5288. Visit their Web site at