Student reaches typing goal

Meghan Roedl reaches typing goal at Lake Land CollegeLake Land College's student, Meghan Roedl, Teutopolis, recently typed her way into excellence in the Business Division. Roedl achieved her personal best of typing 105 words per minute with zero errors, making her the top typist in the department this semester. "The first day of class, I was typing 87 words per minute," explained Roedl. Roedl, who is pursuing an associate degree as a medical administrative assistant, reached her goal in Business 114, an advanced formatting course, as part of her required coursework. "This is a big deal because rarely do students type over 100 words per minute," said Kathy Black, business division chair and instructor. "This is the third student to achieve this success in 16 years." Roedl said that typing is a very important skill to have, regardless of the career one chooses. "I know this ability will help me in my future career in whatever degree and career path I many choose," said Roedl. "Despite drastic changes in technology in the past century, something that has remained relatively constant is the method for inputting text: keyboarding," said Black. "In an era where communication is expected to occur instantly, the ability to key quickly is more important today than ever before."