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Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Accounting (AAS.ACC)

Administrative Assistant - Executive (AAS.AAEXE)

Administrative Assistant - Legal (AAS.AALEG)

Administrative Assistant - Medical (AAS.AAMED)

Desktop Publishing Graphic Design (AAS.DPGD)

Health Information and Medical Coding Online AAS Degree (AAS.HIMC)

IT - Computer Applications (AAS.ITAPS)

IT - Network Administration (AAS.ITNET)

IT - Programming (AAS.ITPRO)

IT - Web Technology (AAS.ITWEB)

Management (AAS.MGT)

Marketing (AAS.MKTG)

Office Management (AAS.OFMGT)


Gainful employment
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Accounting (CRT.ACC) Gainful Employment

Computer Applications Specialist (NDP.CMPAP) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology (CRT.COS) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology Teacher (CRT.COSTR) Gainful Employment

Cosmetology Track (CRT.COS.TRK)

Desktop Publishing Graphic Design (CRT.DPGD) Gainful Employment

E-Commerce Marketing (CRT.EMKT) Gainful Employment

Entrepreneurship - Small Business Ownership (NDP.ENTRE) Gainful Employment

Esthetics (CRT.ESTH) Gainful Employment

Esthetics Track (CRT.ESTH.TRK)

IT - Computer Applications (CRT.ITAPS) Gainful Employment

IT - Computer Game Development (CRT.ITGD) Gainful Employment

IT - Digital Media Specialist (CRT.ITDMS) Gainful Employment

IT - Network Administration (CRT.ITNET) Gainful Employment

IT - Programming (CRT.ITPROG) Gainful Employment

IT - Web Technology (CRT.ITWEB) Gainful Employment

Management (NDP.MGT) Gainful Employment

Marketing (CRT.MKTG) Gainful Employment

Medical Coding Specialist Online Certificate (CRT.MCS) Gainful Employment

Medical Transcriptionist (CRT.MDTRN) Gainful Employment

Office Assistant/Receptionist (CRT.OFREC) Gainful Employment

Office Technology Skills - General (NDP.OFSK.GEN) Gainful Employment

Office Technology Skills - Medical (NDP.OFSK.MED) Gainful Employment

Office Technology Skills - MOS (NDP.OFSK.MOS) Gainful Employment

Professional Sales (CRT.SALES) Gainful Employment

Transfer Programs

Business Administration (Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management, Marketing) (AS.BA)

Business Education (AS.BE)


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