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Outcomes Assessment at Lake Land College


     Assessment is the systematic measurement of student performance for the purpose of improving the quality of educational programs and the institution.  It affords us the opportunity to make informed decisions that ultimately improve the teaching-learning process.  Assessment is essentially what students should know, value, or be able to do upon the completion of a unit of study, course, program, and/or interaction with an institutional department at a particular point and time.  In other words, "Are students learning?  How do we know?"

     Lake Land College uses both institution-wide measures, program and course-specific measures to assess student outcomes.  Learner outcomes have been established for each of the college's associate degree and certificate programs, as well as all courses.  The methods of measurement of the learner outcomes were designed by faculty to meet the specific needs of individual programs and courses. 

     In December 2010, Lake Land College implemented WEAVEonline Assessment Software.  This software addresses the need to develop and maintain continuous improvement processes for both academic and administrative structures within our institution.  WEAVE guides and provides for the alignment of multiple processes, including assessment, planning, accreditation, budgeting and institutional priorities.  This focus on and investment in centralizing college-wide assessment has undoubtedly furthered LLC's advances in student outcomes assessment in best practices.

     In addition to program and course student assessment, general education competencies have been established and are measured through the use of a nationally normed tests, student artifacts, prompts, and surveys.  The General Education Committee oversees the assessment of the general education program for Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees. 

     The Assessment Committee provides support of continuous improvement by leading College-wide participtation and integration of assessment activities and results.

     Overall, the college is actively assessing Course, Program, General Education and Institutional Assessment. Each component of assessment is working towards closing the loop by using results to assess the student experience and learn from the assessment process in order to make necessary changes and plans of action to ensure that every student at Lake Land College is provided with a continuous learning environment.  Click on "Success Stories" to learn more about each academic division's committment to assessment.

What is Assessment

Important Dates:

The second Wednesday in February

Fall Course Assessment Results/Findings

May 15th

Program Assessment Results/Findings & ICCB Program Review

June - May

Institutional Assessment Data Collection Process

September 15 of each year

Institutional Assessment Results/Findings and new outcomes in Weave

The second Wednesday in September

Spring Course Assessment Results/Findings

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Lisa Madlem
Phone: 217.234.5088
Office: Webb Hall - 020