Lake Land College - Illinois Department of Transportation Quality Management Training Program - Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL



  • Reservations must be made via phone and cannot be made online, via email or by fax. To make reservations, contact Kathy Willenborg, with Lake Land College IDOT Quality Management at (217) 234-5285 and reserve the number of seats you need in each class. When reservations are made, a registration packet will be sent out via email or US Postal Service. Included in the packet will be:
    • Registration Letter
    • Application forms
    • Driving Directions and hotel information, if available
    • Credit Card Payment Form

  • Course Material will not be sent out in advance. However, if you are wanting to look at material before class, the IDOT Training Manuals will be available in PDF format at the following website, as they are updated:

  • All registration forms and payments must be received three weeks prior to first class meeting. The IDOT Quality Management Training Program will not drop seats for non-payment. All reserved seats are the responsibility of the party making the reservations. If a seat is no longer needed, cancellations must be completed by the respective drop date or tuition fees will apply.

  • Method of payment accepted; Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover

  • Anyone registering for CET 035, PCC Level I-IDOT Only must provide a copy of their current ACI card at the time of registration.

Training Schedule

Reservations must be made by contacting Kathy Willenborg at:

Lake Land College
5001 Lake Land Blvd.
Mattoon, IL 61938-9366
Phone: (217) 234-5285

Reservations cannot be made online, via email, or by fax