Human Services - Lake Land College, Mattoon, Illinois Required Courses
  Course Number Hours Comp.
Composition I ENG120 3  
Composition II ENG121 3  
or Public Speaking SPE111 3  
Intro to Psychology PSY271 3  
Humanities Electives   3  
Math Elective MAT1-- 3  
or Science Elective BIO1--, ESC1--, or PHY1-- 4  
Practical Software Applications CIS160 3  
Foundations of Human Services HSP103 3  
Social Welfare HSP122 3  
Principles of Health HED200 3  
Responding to Emergencies HED 178 2  
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Field Experience
  Course Number Hours Comp.
Seminar I HSP053 1  
Field Experience I HSP054 2  
Seminar II HSP055 1  
Field Experience II HSP056 2  
Seminar III** HSP057 1  
Field Experience III** HSP058 2  
**Optional, May substitute for elective credit hrs.    
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Areas of Concentration: (15 hours needed to complete program)


  Course Number Hours Comp.
Instructional Methods ECE083 3  
Creative Activities for Children ECE095 4  
Child Behavior and Management* ECE110 3  
Introduction to Education EDU100 3  
Teaching and Learning with Technology EDU103 3  
Introduction to Special Education EDU190 3  
Educational Psychology EDU200 3  
Diversity in Schools and Society EDU210 3  
Basic Activities - Elementary Children PED172 2  
Child Development* PSY274 3  
Introduction to Social Work* HSP120 3  
*listed twice      
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Criminal Justice

  Course Number Hours Comp.
Intro to Criminal Justice* CJS150 3  
Criminal Investigation I CJS152 3  
Criminal Law CJS156 3  
Juvenile Justice CJS158 3  
Criminal Evidence and Procedure CJS160 3  
Corrections CJS166 3  
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  Course Number Hours Comp.
Basic Nurse Assisting AHE040 8  
Medical Terminology AHE041 3  
Advanced Medical Terminology AHE042 3  
Health, Safety, Nutrition for Young Children ECE102 3  
Emergency Medical Technician - Basic EMS050 6  
Nutrition HED102 3  
Community Health HED270 3  
Disease Process HED290 2  
Fitness for Life PED285 3  
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  Course Number Hours Comp.
Child Behavior Management* ECE110 3  
Dynamics of Domestic Violence HSP101 3  
Behavior Management HSP102 3  
Abnormal Psychology PSY273 3  
Child Development* PSY274 3  
Psychology of Maturity & Old Age PSY275 3  
Social Psychology PSY277 3  
Family Relations PSY278 3  
Human Development/Life Span PSY279 3  
Culture & Psychology PSY280 3  
Introduction to Sociology* SOC280 3  
Death & Dying SOS235 3  
Introduction to Social Work* HSP120 3  
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  Course Number Hours Comp.
General Anthropology ANT200 3  
Introduction to Criminal Justice* CJS150 3  
Introduction to Sociology* SOC280 3  
Social Problems SOC282 3  
Sociology of Deviant Behavior SOC284 3  
Racial & Ethnic Groups SOC286 3  
Introduction to Social Work* HSP120 3  
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Electives: (10-13 Hrs)

*General Education courses can be used as elective credit.  

** Electives: need 10 credit hours if complete Field Experience III need 13 credit hours if do not complete Field Experience III. Courses listed under areas of concentration can also be used as electives. Computer courses can be used as electives with a maximum of 6 hours.

  Course Number Hours Comp.
Ethics PHI280 3  
The American Economy ECO130 3  
Interpersonal Communication SPE200 3  
Introduction to Group Discussions SPE213 3  
Persuasive Speaking SPE220 3  
Strategies for Success SFS101 2  
Business Communications BUS141 3  
Intro to Substance Abuse HSP065 3  
Manual Communication for Deaf ENG110 3  
Advanced Signing ENG111 3  
American National Government POS160 3  
Heads up Reading ECE052 3  
Introduction to the Internet CIS101 2  
PageMaker CIS090 2  
PowerPoint CIS054 2  
Web Page Design CIS099 3  
Excel CIS094 2  
Access CIS093 2  
Word CIS055 2  
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