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Human Services Program - Online Handbook - Internship Rules

  1. In order to do an internship, you must have your site decided upon and have a contract turned in to the Program Coordinator or Internship Supervisor by the last day of classes the semester before you plan on completing your internship.

  2. You are required to attend a weekly Seminar class that coincides with your internship. Attendance is mandatory. Missed classes may result in a lower grade.

  3. If you need to miss a scheduled work day you must call your site supervisor.  It is your responsibility to let your site supervisor know ahead of time on days that you will not be available to work!

  4. Every week, you will have to turn in your weekly time sheet to the Internship Supervisor. These time sheets must be filled out completely. These sheets will help us to keep track of each students hours. Failure to turn in time sheets will result in a lowered final grade. If getting your supervisors signature is difficult, please copy your time sheets and turn the copies in so we have an accurate account of your hours. You can turn the original time sheets in after they are signed.

  5. While working, you are expected to follow all of the rules and regulations that the other employees follow.

  6. Appropriate dress is also a must. Before you begin your internship ask your supervisor what they feel is appropriate attire. Remember that you are representing Lake Land College, as well as the agency you are working for. Use common sense. If you are unsure about what to wear for a particular day, do not be afraid to ask.

  7. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA in all course work. Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the program. You will not be allowed to start an internship if your GPA is below 2.0.

  8. Students must maintain high integrity. Following the Code of Ethics is very important.

  9. You need to be aware that a background check will be done at certain internship sites. DCFS, schools, social service agencies, correction facilities, hospitals, and police stations are all likely to require background checks. Other possible testing could include drug testing, prior police records, and reports of child abuse or neglect. Some sites may require that an intern be 21 years of age. A student with a felony conviction can be dismissed from the program.

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For more information about the program, please contact:

Helen Hendren, Program Coordinator
Linda Gates, Internship Supervisor


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