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Volleyball 8/18/18 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land Community College
Volleyball 8/22/18 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College
Volleyball 8/24/18 - LLC vs. Kalamazoo Valley CC
Baseball 8/24/18 - LLC vs. GRAC Showcase
Volleyball 8/24/18 - LLC vs. Kankakee CC
Volleyball 8/25/18 - LLC vs. Oakton College
Volleyball 8/29/18 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Volleyball 8/31/18 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land CC
Volleyball 8/31/18 - LLC vs. Saint Louis CC
Volleyball 9/1/18 - LLC vs. Kankakee CC
Volleyball 9/1/18 - LLC vs. Lincoln College
Volleyball 9/3/18 - LLC vs. Wabash Valley College
Volleyball 9/5/18 - LLC vs. Southwestern Illinois College
Volleyball 9/7/18 - LLC vs. Wabash Valley EST*
Volleyball 9/7/18 - LLC vs. Glen Oaks EST*
Softball 9/8/18 - LLC vs. Inter-Squad Scrimmage
Volleyball 9/8/18 - LLC vs. Wallace State EST*
Volleyball 9/8/18 - LLC vs. Mineral Area College EST*
Baseball 9/9/18 - LLC vs. Spoon River College
Softball 9/9/18 - LLC vs. Ball State University(DH) EST
Volleyball 9/12/18 - LLC vs. John A Logan College
Softball 9/14/18 - LLC vs. Loyola University
Baseball 9/15/18 - LLC vs. Parkland College - Best of Midwest
Baseball 9/15/18 - LLC vs. Kirkwood CC - Best of Midwest
Softball 9/15/18 - LLC vs. Bradley University
Softball 9/15/18 - LLC vs. University of Illinois - Springfield
Softball 9/16/18 - LLC vs. Inter-Squad Scrimmage
Volleyball 9/17/18 - LLC vs. Lincoln Trail College
Baseball 9/17/18 - LLC vs. South Suburban College
Baseball 9/19/18 - LLC vs. Lincoln Land CC
Volleyball 9/20/18 - LLC vs. Shawnee CC
Baseball 9/21/18 - LLC vs. Eastern Illinois University
Softball 9/21/18 - LLC vs. Purdue University EST

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