Information Technology Program

Programming, Network Admin, and web design

Program Coodinators

Scott Rhine, Network Administration Program Coordinator
Office: WH-009 | 217-234-5353 |

Angie Davison, Programming & Computer Applications Degree Coordinator
Office: WH-008 | 217-234-5414 |

James Munger, Web Technology Program Coordinator
Office: WH-007 | 217-234-5326 |

Program Degree Requirements

Each of the IT programs provide an intensive course of study that prepares a student to work in a business environment in the area of study. Each IT degree consists of 68 credit hours of courses. Each program starts with a “core” of classes that all IT majors take. This allows students time to change their mind without losing any credits. Students then take specific courses towards a concentration area.

Earn Multiple Information Technology Degrees

Information Technology Students have the opportunity to earn TWO different IT degrees at the same time by taking just a few additional credit hours.

  1. To earn a 2nd Degree from Lake Land College you MUST meet all of the course requirements for the 1st and 2nd degree AND have at least 16 more credit hours than what was required for your 1st degree.
  2. Example: if your networking degree required 68 credit hours, you need to take 16 additional credit hours & be sure you have taken all of the required courses to earn a 2nd Degree. (This would give you at least 84 credit hours total).

IT - Networking Administration Options

IT-Network Administration Degree

The Network Administration Information Technology option prepares students to work and succeed as a PC Tech, Network Tech or related position. The program is designed for students who are moderately to extremely computer literate and are looking for advanced certification-grade training. See Program details

IT-Network Administration Certificate

In the networking field, certifications play a major role in employability and in many cases the certifications may out shadow a degree. We focus each class on both the skills required in the student’s future job and the knowledge needed to pass related certifications. That knowledge goes beyond the mere textbook content and deals with how to take an exam, how to properly prepare for and mentally approach an exam, and what tools and tests are available in the industry that help not only class-related preparation but future exam preparation as well. Network Administration is an excellent field if you want variety in your job and you want to be continually challenged by an ever-changing and very technical array of problems. See Program details

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Programming Options

IT- Programming Degree

Computer programming is an ever changing field, allowing the worker continual opportunities for personal growth, career changes and academic enrichment. Technological advancements in recent years have made this a dynamic and fascinating field. Computer programmers face challenges that must be met using an interesting and diverse technology.

The Programming Information Technology option provides students with a fundamental understanding of the way business is conducted. Students are introduced to the vocabulary of the field, several contemporary computer languages and a few traditional, but highly coveted, computer languages. See Program details

IT- Programming Certificate

Are you interested in creating your own computer programs?  Would you like to find out what computer programming languages are all about?  Getting a certificate in IT-Programming will give you a great computer logic foundation that can be carried over into any programming language you would like to learn. See Program details

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Computer Applications Options

IT-Computer Applications Degree

This program prepares students for a job in a computer-related field. Emphasis is placed on current and emerging technologies and software. This program covers programming and a variety of Microsoft software applications. Students may also choose options in: Graphic design, Web page design, Internet usage or Database management

This program is great for students who have an interest in working with computers. Employment opportunities exist in a variety of computer-related fields depending on the area of study. See Program details

IT-Computer Applications Certificate

Do you like working with computers?  Would you like to expand your knowledge using computer software?  A certificate in IT-Computer Applications may be for you. With this certificate you will learn the most popular computer softwares that are being used today.
See Program details

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Web Technology Options

IT-Web Technology Degree

The Web Technology Information Technology option prepares students for an entry-level position in the rapidly growing field of web page development. This program also enhances and improves students’ computer skills which are necessary for success in a web-based environment.

Some graduates with the Web Technology program pursue work as freelance web developers. These students have developed their own personal web sites showcasing their web portfolios which they developed through the web page classes and the internship.

Emphasis in this option is placed on computer programming, software applications, and web page design instruction. The introductory web page class provides students with fundamental knowledge of html (the language used to code web pages) and basic design principles while the advanced web page class provides students with skills in using the most current and popular web editor and other web development software programs. The advanced courses also explores the latest web trends and issues. See Program details

IT-Web Technology Certificate

Are you creative?  Do you like working with computers?  Then a web technology certificate is for you!  The certificate in Web Technology lays the foundation for entry level work as a web page developer. The course work emphasizes software applications and web page design instruction and allows for future completion of the Web Technology IT degree without complications. See Program details

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Eastern Illinois University Transfer Agreement Options

Are you interested in earning a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Eastern Illinois University? As a graduate of one of our IT programs at Lake Land College, you are eligible to transfer to EIU through our articulated IT transfer agreement. As a result of this agreement, most of your coursework will now transfer and count toward a MIS degree. Use the following links to review the IT Curriculum Guides.