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Christina Hansen Ring

Christina Hansen RingChristina was a student at Lake Land College in the Cosmetology program from the fall of 1996 through the fall of 1997. After she graduated she worked for 3 years and then auditioned with Redken to teach hair color. She was accepted and taught for 3 years in the surrounding area as far as St. Louis. As part of her training with Redken she traveled to New York, New Orleans and a few other cities where she received extensive training in hair color. She continued to work as a Cosmetologist also.

In 1999 Christina opened her own Salon. She then went back to Lake Land College for more extensive business training. She took several business courses including Marketing both in the classroom and a few online courses. She said that the additional training really helped her operate her business.

In 2003 Christina decided that she was spending more time than she wanted to running a business and less time doing what she is most passionate about. She felt that she really is not an authoritative person and is really more gifted in the art of Cosmetology and decided to sell her business and go back to doing hair.

Now that Christina is married and has a family she is confident that she is in the right profession. Because she worked hard for several years to build a large customer base she is now able to work the hours that she wants and spend time with her family. “People who go into this business need to realize that if they want to be able to pick and choose their hours and work their hours around their family in the future, they will need to work hard at first to build a strong customer base. I have seen a lot of people get out of school thinking they have it made because they can pick and choose their hours and they try to do that right from the start. That doesn’t work. There will be times, when you are new to the profession, when you have to be available when walk-ins come in or call in. This will help build the clientele needed to be successful. I have watched several people come out of school trying to come in and out when it is convenient for their schedule who never build their business. I think that is the biggest mistake I have seen people make.”

Christina is very pleased with the education she received at Lake Land College. “I always recommend Lake Land College to people who ask me what school they should attend to get the best Cosmetology training. I think I left there with good grounding and a strong foundation. I came out of there with great skills. I’m sure with the new facility the program is even better than it was when I was there.”