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Bookstore at Lake Land College
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Closed on Friday during the Summer


Students who choose to keep their textbooks past the semester’s published textbook return deadline, will be subject to the following:

  1. All rented items must be returned to the College by the close of hours on the fifth college business day after the last day of final exams. Beginning on the sixth day, students will be charged new retail price of unreturned rentals. Cost of defacement or damage will be paid by the renter at the new retail price.

  2. After the period mentioned above, any textbooks that have not been returned to the Bookstore will become the property of the student and the total cost for those books will be added to their bill. At that time books can no longer be returned to the Bookstore and any future financial aid, scholarships, or student loans may be held or applied against these charges.

  3. Students with late textbooks will be blocked from receiving transcripts and will not be able to register for any classes until the books are returned and/or all fines are paid.

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