Parking - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois


Lake Land College provides parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus free of charge. Parking is permitted in several designated areas or lots on campus to allow for an orderly flow of traffic. All motor vehicles are subject to traffic signs, signals and regulations while on campus. Fines for parking violations are $10.00 if paid within seven days; $20.00 dollars thereafter. The fine for unauthorized parking in a handicapped space is $250.00. Fines may be paid in the accounting office during normal business hours. Failure to pay fines will result in the withholding of records and/or denial of registration for subsequent terms.

Often times, students have difficulty finding a parking space. There is an overflow area at the rear (south side) of the southeast parking lot. With few exceptions there is always parking available in this area. Students, staff and visitors should look for parking in this area before parking illegally in other lots.

Any person who receives a campus citation may file a written request for an appeal in writing with the Police Department. Such requests must be made within two working days. The Chief of Police will conduct a hearing with the violator and the officer. The Chief's decision will be final. State citations are handled through the Coles County courts.

Vehicles subject to towing at the owner's expense include the following:

  • Vehicles parked on sidewalks or crosswalks

  • Repeated violations of parking in "Handicapped Parking" spaces without proper permit displayed

  • Vehicles which have accumulated three or more unpaid parking citations

  • Any vehicle determined to be abandoned

  • Vehicles parked in such a way as to impede the normal traffic flow, both vehicular and pedestrian

If you are in need of handicapped parking, please contact the Police Department for information regarding requirements.

To report a crime or suspicious activity, call the Police Department non-emergency number at 234-5066 (ext. 5066