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Distinguished Alumni Society

One of our more ambitious and successful endeavors the past few years has been the formation of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alum who has utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on his or her profession or community. An Alumnus is anyone that has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

Class of 2008

Larry Blackerby

Missouri City, TX

Hometown: Herrick, IL

Employer: KPRC-TV

Job Title: Vice President & General Manager

Profession/Occupation: Broadcaster

Years Attended Lake land College: 1973-1975

Major: Radio/TV Broadcasting

“The impact that Lake Land College had on my personal and professional life has been immeasurable.  Coming to Lake Land from a small high school with a graduating class of 41 students, the size of the classes was perfect for me.  Thanks to the instruction and practical experience I received I was able to get my first professional job during my second year at Lake Land.  The confidence I gained those first two years at Lake Land allowed me to transfer to Indiana State University and receive a four-year degree.

“While the academics at Lake Land were important, the best thing that happened to me was meeting my future wife, Brenda, in a class during the first few weeks on campus.  We are about to celebrate our 31st anniversary together.

“Suffice it to say, I would not be where I am today were it not for Lake Land College.”

Marnee Fieldman

Palatine, IL

Hometown: Mattoon, IL

Employer: Concordia University Chicago

Job Title: Assistant Dean, College of Business

Profession/Occupation: Associate Professor

Years Attended Lake Land College: 1988-1989

Major: Business Administration

“My experience at Lake Land College provided smaller class sizes and an opportunity to create relationships with faculty.  This personal attention inspired me to work hard, enabled me to develop a strong business foundation and instilled confidence both professionally and personally. These skills were critical to my success as I continued my undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois and my master’s degree in business administration while studying at the London School of Economics and the University of Chicago. 

“This academic background gave me the opportunity to work with high profile businesses such as Arthur Andersen and Kraft Foods. However, I have recently returned to academics as administrator for Concordia University Chicago’s College of Business. Within the past year I have developed and launched Concordia’s new master’s in business administration program.  One of my objectives of this program is to provide students the same benefits I received at Lake Land College, an inspiring work environment, and strong relationships with university faculty.”

Dr. Margaret Merry Niebrugge

Effingham, IL

Hometown: Effingham, IL

Employer: Lake Land College/Self-employed Dentist

Job Title: Dental Hygiene Instructor/Dentist

Profession: Dental Hygiene Instructor/Dentist

Years Attended Lake land College: 1976-1978

Major: Dental Hygiene

“Lake Land College gave me a solid educational base, which provided an excellent opportunity to advance toward my chosen field of dentistry. The small classes in the dental hygiene program made it easy for us to make new friends who attended the same classes, and we were able to study with each other throughout our time at Lake Land.   I received one-on-one attention from faculty who helped me to build a strong foundation for my career in dental health.  The dental hygiene program allowed me to obtain an immediate career as well as the ability to work and advance my education.  By first becoming a dental hygienist, I was able to ultimately become a dentist.  Lake Land College provided me with this opportunity to pursue my dreams.”

Larry Norton

Martinsville, IL

Hometown: Martinsville, IL

Employer: Rowe Foundry, Inc.

Job Title: Vice President/Plant Engineer

Years Attended Lake Land College: 1980-1983

Major: Machine Shop Production

“Lake Land College provided me with a foundation from which to build my career. I received an associate degree in machine tool and design, while at the same time taking classes in mechanical electrical technology. I was then able to acquire a job with General Motors Corporation through its co-op program. While working for General Motors I was able to pursue my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with Indiana State University. Knowing the processes and procedures used in designing a product is very critical in engineering. I have worked with many engineers over the years.  I have discovered the best engineers are those who have a ‘hands-on’ approach and background.  These engineers understood the processes involved in producing a product.  By having this knowledge, you can produce a more cost effective product.  The fact remains, in the end, what counts is the bottom line.  Lake Land College gave me that ‘hands-on’ comprehensive approach to engineering.”

Milton Sees

Springfield, IL

Hometown: Bethany, IL

Employer: Illinois Department of Transportation

Job Title: Secretary of Transportation

Profession/Occupation: Civil Engineer

Years Attended Lake Land College: 1970-1973

Major: Pre-Engineering

“As an Air Force veteran, Lake Land College not only helped me build confidence in my learning ability, but also gave me a solid start toward both a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Illinois. My LLC experience improved both written and oral communication skills and broadened my areas of knowledge and interest to include history and fine arts, allowing me to better appreciate other disciplines. Math and science skills essential to engineering were developed under some of the best instructors I have ever met. But, most of all, I discovered a passion for learning and sources of intellectual stimulation that helped prepare me for the challenges of both professional and political career stops. From my first class at LLC (Composition I) to my last final exam (Calculus III), my experience was positive and rewarding. I owe a great deal to LLC and the dedicated faculty I studied under. I am humbled to be considered a Distinguished Alumni of LLC.”

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