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Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni Society

One of our more ambitious and successful endeavors the past few years has been the formation of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alum who has utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on his or her profession or community. An Alumnus is anyone that has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

Class of 2009

Don Jesse

Sullivan, IL

Hometown: Macon, IL

Employer: Monarch Manufacturing, Inc.

Job Title: President

Profession/Occupation: Woodworking Manufacturing

Years Attended: 1972

Major: Business Administration

“Lake Land College provided me with an important step in my life. It provided the foundation I needed to eventually get a degree in finance. My time at Lake Land was not only academically valuable, but socially as well. I met lifelong friends and business associates. Thanks to the excellent faculty at Lake Land, I was prepared and ready to move on in my life and my career.”

Linda Sue Kull

Charleston, IL

Hometown: Charleston, IL

Employer: University of Illinois

Job Title: Program Coordinator, National Soybean Research Laboratory

Profession/Occupation: Ph.D. soybean pathology; coordinate soybean production research at the National Soybean Research Laboratory

Graduated: Fall 1987

Degree: Associate in Science

Major: Biological Sciences

“Lake Land College offers a diversity of options for continued education.  It was this diversity and scheduling flexibility that allowed me to complete an associate’s degree with a busy family including three children.  As an older student returning to school, I remember the first day of class and being very uneasy.  That uneasy feeling quickly dissolved after meeting my instructors and noticing that the student community included a range of ages. The atmosphere on campus and in the classrooms garners passion for learning.”

Carla Lundy-Wheaton

Mattoon, IL

Hometown: Mattoon, IL

Employer: Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

Job Title: Anesthesia Clinical Support Specialist

Profession/Occupation: RN

Graduated: 1974

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Major: Dental Hygiene

Graduated: 1994

“I would like to thank Lake Land College and the Alumni Association Board of Directors for this great honor.  The years I spent at LLC are highly responsible for my personal and professional achievements.  LLC provided me with the quality education for two successful and rewarding careers—dental hygiene and nursing.  LLC prepared me to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  The LLC faculty is intelligent, dedicated and passionate about their teaching.”

Monte Reel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hometown: Mattoon, IL

Employer: The Washington Post

Job Title: Correspondent, currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Profession/Occupation: Journalist

Graduated: Spring 1991

Major: Journalism/Communications

“Lake Land was a great place to try to figure out what I might want to do as a career, and to learn how to get started. By the time I left, I had a much clearer idea of what I needed to do. That probably allowed me to get much more than I otherwise would have out of the later stages of my education. Attending Lake Land also allowed me to be near family and close friends at a time when I needed that, too.”

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