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Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni Society

One of our more ambitious and successful endeavors the past few years has been the formation of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alum who has utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on his or her profession or community. An Alumnus is anyone that has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

Class of 2010

Tim Fedrigon

Alpharetta, GA

Hometown: Mattoon, IL

Employer: Columbian Chemicals

Job Title: Vice President, Human Resources

Profession/Occupation: HR Executive

Years Attended: 1982

Major: Business

“Lake Land gave me the opportunity to explore academic options and to determine my future path in an affordable way. The instructors truly embraced higher education and created an excellent learning environment with a very diverse student population. The size of the college was the right fit for my needs as I wasn't consumed with a large campus or overwhelming class sizes. My father was a long time, well respected faculty member at the college, which made it very challenging, as I had an instant identity with all the instructors. This seemed to create (real or not) a higher expectation for a young college kid. By the way, it turned out to be a very positive experience for me during my two years at Lake Land and I am confident that this attributed to my long term career success. The instructors, my parents and the faculty left me with this life long impression: 'work hard with a sense of urgency, have a positive sense of satisfaction, a passion to excel, learn, and continue to improve.' Life is a journey. It's a series of experiences over and over again. How you manage and learn from each experience is what really matters. Lake Land was a very important stage in my life's journey”

Dr. Brian L. Hastings, DDS

Mattoon, IL

Hometown: Mattoon, IL

Employer: Self Employed

Job Title: D.D.S.

Profession/Occupation: Dentist

Years Attended: 1978

Degree: Associate in Science

Major: Other Major/Zoology

“What I remember the most about Lake Land was the genuine interest that most of the instructors had in their students. I believe that translates into students working harder and it helps inspire them to achieve success. I was an average high school student but became a much more inspired student at Lake Land College. Most of my teachers truly cared and as a result I became more motivated.

All of my dental hygienists and many of my dental assistants have degrees from Lake Land College. I feel blessed to have the highly trained employees that have come out of this fine institution.

Lake Land College is a tremendous asset to the surrounding communities and provides students an opportunity to begin their post high school quest. I will be forever grateful to Lake Land College for helping me develop a solid foundation”

Patrick Kirchhofer

Hometown: Shumway, IL

Employer:  Peoria County Farm Bureau

Job Title: County Manager

Profession/Occupation: Peoria County Farm Bureau

Years Attended: 1985

Degree: Associate in Science

Major: Agriculture Transfer

“Lake Land was an excellent fit for me to further my education and was a good transition between high school and attending the University of Illinois in Champaign.  Both of my brothers and sister attended Lake Land and shared their positive experiences with me.  Small classes enabled me to ask professors questions during or after classes.  To me, this creates an excellent learning environment when you are a teachable student and not just a person filling a seat and paying tuition.  All of my professors seemed to take a genuine interest in their students.  Everyone needs encouragement and the employees at Lake Land College were always there to lend a hand or offer a word of advice.  Meeting new friends also expanded my world to a great extent while enrolled at Lake Land. I have used these contacts throughout my working career and supportive staff and fellow graduates of Lake Land have given me the opportunities that I now have”

Bub McCullough

Gays, IL

Hometown: Windsor, IL

Employer:  Cromwell Radio Group

Job Title: Operations Manager/Mornings-WMCI

Profession/Occupation: Radio

Years Attended: 1985-1988

Degree: Associate in Science

Major: Radio/TV

“If not for the immediate, hands-on methods in the Radio/TV program at Lake Land College, I would not have advanced as quickly. The philosophy of ‘the only way to learn is to simply do it’ is the way I manage my staff today. From clicking on the mic, gathering news, covering a Lakers’ game, writing and producing commercials and learning how to sell advertising, LLC prepared me for the world of commercial radio, a business I’ve been in for nearly 24 years. And as of August 17, 2010, 21 of those will have been with WMCI and the Cromwell Radio Group”

Julie Thomas, RDH

Alma, IL

Hometown: Salem, IL

Employer:  Heartland Dental Care

Job Title: Director of Operations

Profession/Occupation: Dental Hygienist/Business Management

Years Attended: 1985

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Major: Dental Hygiene

“My experience at Lake Land College impacted my career and personal life in multiple ways. Professionally, it reconfirmed the value of hard work, integrity, doing the right things for the right reasons, the value of a team and how important professionalism is in all we do in our careers. Completing the Dental Hygiene program helped build the foundation from which I was blessed to be able to grow with a small southern Illinois dental company of less than 20 employees to one that has become an employer of over 2,500 employees in 13 states. I have enjoyed a 25 year career that has benefited my family and has allowed me to experience many facets of dentistry and business. I am very grateful for the opportunities and those who have contributed to my career”

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