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Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni Society

One of our more ambitious and successful endeavors the past few years has been the formation of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alum who has utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on his or her profession or community. An Alumnus is anyone that has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

Class of 2011

Bob Black

Bob Black

Charleston, IL

Hometown: Charleston, IL

Employer: Midas Muffler Charleston

Job Title: Lead Auto Technician

Profession/Occupation: Auto Technician

Years Attended: 1992

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Major: Automotive Technology

“The open and friendly environment at Lake Land College gave me the confidence to explore new and different opportunities in my career and my life.  It also gave me the skills and knowledge to evaluate using the resources at hand to come to a concrete conclusion or decision.

While I attending LLC both full-time instructors, Mr. Al Siebert and Mr. Jim Stroud, had impacts in my experience.  Mr. Siebert’s knowledge and teaching style in the Engine class and Mr. Stroud’s Electronic class was exciting and fun.  The most impact to my career and life however came from part-time teacher Mr. Steve Johnson, whom I also worked an apprenticeship under for 2 ½ years.  He had a way of teaching and getting the job done at the same time.”

Tony Hasley

Tony Hasley

Mapleton, IL

Hometown: Charleston, IL

Employer: State of Illinois

Job Title: Sergeant for the Illinois State Police

Profession/Occupation: Law Enforcement

Years Attended: 1991

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

Major: Law Enforcement

“As a child, I always dreamed of a career in Law Enforcement.  After graduating high school, I attended LLC and obtained my Associate degree in Law Enforcement.  Upon graduating from LLC (1991) I transferred to EIU to complete my four year degree (1993).  I moved to Peoria in 1993 to work in the social service field.  On April 5, 1999 my career and dream came true, I was hired by the Illinois State Police.  Working for the Illinois State Police has been an ultimate blessing.  It is the best job one could ever have.  I am so thankful LLC gave me the opportunity to study Law Enforcement.  I learned so much while attending LLC and continue to learn more every day working for the Illinois State Police.  Thanks again to LLC and all my teachers.  Life is Good!!!

Joyce Allen, fun enjoyed classes, wonderful teacher, and mother figure.  Bill Little, I felt comfortable talking to him, learning life skills, enjoyable classes.”

Dr. John Killough

John Killough

Ashmore, IL

Hometown: Altamont, IL

Employer:  Self Employed

Job Title: Podiatrist

Profession/Occupation: Podiatrist

Years Attended: 1992

Degreee: Associate in Science

Major: Pre-Medicine

“The solid foundation I received at Lake Land College successfully prepared me to finish my undergraduate program at University of Illinois as well as my doctorate program at Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine.  As a graduate of Altamont High School, I was not fully prepared to transition into a large university; however two years later I graduated Lake Land College feeling intellectually and socially equipped to continue my academic pursuits.  Every faculty member at Lake Land College seemed to have a genuine interest in each and every student.  This personal attention provided an excellent learning environment.  Every member of the staff shared in a very large responsibility; they somehow managed to take a diverse student population, assist us in finding our path and transform us into skilled individuals. When I began Lake Land College as journalism major I did not anticipate discovering a passion for the medical field through a single Emergency Medical Technician course.  I had taken the EMT course to aid me in learning a little about medical emergency terms that I might need as a journalist; however I quickly discovered that this was a field that enthralled me.  It was this passion that ultimately propelled me to my career path.  I received the utmost in encouragement, even enthusiasm, from faculty and staff to follow that path and pursue my goals.

There were several staff and faculty member who had a substantial and positive impact on me at Lake Land College.  Ken Gagnon nurtured my interest in medicine.  Janice Kidd helped hone my writing and research skills.  Chuck Weick helped me develop reasoning and analytical skills.  Larry Gutzler solidified my love for the study of the structure and function of the human body.  The most extraordinary characteristic shared by these faculty members is that they all managed to not only provide a remarkable learning environment, but they also made it enjoyable to learn.  Through these individuals and others like them at Lake Land College, I learned about assuming responsibility for myself, being prepared, accepting criticism and past failures and moving ahead.  The solid foundation these individuals helped me build twenty years ago has benefited me in many aspects of my life.  I am grateful to have had Lake Land College as my foundation.”

Kari Rincker

Kari Rincker

New York, NY

Hometown: Shelbyville, IL

Employer:  Rincker Law, PLLC

Job Title: Principal Attorney/Owner

Profession/Occupation: Attorney

Years Attended: 2000

Degreee: Associate in Science

Major: Agriculture

“I am very thankful for my experience at Lake Land College for several reasons.  First, Lake Land College has a top-notch agriculture program.  Not only does it have a nationally renowned livestock judging program, but it also offers challenging and diverse courses.  Second, Lake Land College was a perfect transition for me out of high school and giving me an environment where I was challenged intellectually.  The smaller classroom sizes with approachable instructors put me in a position to excel academically.  I felt very prepared for my transition to a senior college.  Third, attending a junior college close to home gave me time to think about my next step while keeping expenses low.  I would not have been prepared emotionally to attend Texas A & M University so far away from family at the age of 18 – but I was ready for that stage two years later.

I have attended several different kids of schools around the country throughout my educational career.  I felt very rewarded from my experience at Lake Land College both academically and socially.  I may or may not have had the confidence to excel at the senior college and/or post-graduate level had it not been for my experience at Lake Land College.  Communities surrounding Lake Land College should be proud that they have such a high-class institution in their backyard.

As the daughter of Curt Rincker, the Agriculture Division Chair, I “grew up” at Lake Land College.  I have fond memories attending classes and listening to livestock judging reasons with him on straw bales at a very young age.  I have a very short list of people who I look up to professionally in the agriculture industry and my father is on that list.  I did not fully appreciate his leadership, vision, and talent as an agriculture instructor until I attended Lake Land College as a student.  I only hope that I can make such a powerful difference in the agriculture industry and young people as he has done throughout his career.  He is the type of person who is never too busy to meet with students and discuss their concerns.  He always took the time to go above and beyond – with everything—because he truly cares about the young people involved in the agriculture industry and Lake Land College.”

Thomas Grunloh

Thomas Grunloh

Effingham, IL

Hometown: Effingham, IL

Employer:  Grunloh Construction, Inc.

Job Title: President

Profession/Occupation: Commercial Building Contractor

Years Attended: 1981, 1982

Major: Business Administration

“My education in business classes gave me the jump start that I needed.  Once I started my career in my family owned construction business.  This was also the start of the computer age.  Lake Land introduced me to this technology.  We were the first in the area to embrace computer technology into our business and this helped us improve and grow.  It is easy to see now that Lake Land College was an influential piece of development into adult life.

Wally Taylor was a teacher that seemed to give his all in my development as a student.  Bob Orr was a teacher that I looked up to and has become a good friend and Maria DeBuhr in the Athletic Department was my first boos and an important person in my life at Lake Land.” 

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