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Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni Society

One of our more ambitious and successful endeavors the past few years has been the formation of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. The Distinguished Alumni Society recognizes alum who has utilized the Lake Land experience to make an imprint on his or her profession or community. An Alumnus is anyone that has graduated from Lake Land College or has taken classes.

Class of 2012

Tracie Goodnight-Egger, Ph. D

Tracie Goodnight-Egger

Delphi, IN

Hometown: Mulberry, IN
Employer: Purdue University
Job Title: Assistant Director, Office of Academic Programs in Agriculture
Profession/ Occupation: Student Services/ Leadership Development
Graduated: 1992
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Major: Ag Business

“Being a member of the Lake Land College livestock judging team impacted my life in many positive ways. I was able to meet and interact with livestock producers throughout the country which I still interact with today. I gained valuable public speaking experience by giving hundreds of sets of oral reasons and was afforded the opportunity to compete nationally against other top ranked livestock judging teams. As a judging team member, I was forced to step outside my comfort zone and interact with others that I didn’t know. I’m grateful to have been a member of the judging team that enabled me to gain many leadership skills and to be in a career that allows me to mentor students through their own personal leadership growth.”

Curt Rincker not only taught in the classroom, but engaged students in experiential learning activities outside the classroom, which impacted my life greatly. He inspired us as a team to set goals and to work hard. In my academic role in student services, I try to instill self confidence in each student I interact with just as Curt did with me. I had a great role model to learn from and I can only aspire to have a classroom as engaging and fun as Curt’s was while I was a student at LLC.

Julie Ann Jansen

Tracie Goodnight-Egger

Springfield, IL

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Employer: Illinois Department of Public Health
Job Title: Public Service Administrator
Profession/ Occupation: Program Administrator
Graduated: 1976
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Major: Dental Hygiene

“I met my husband, David at a ‘student mixer’ at the Elevator. He convinced me to run for student government and mentored me through the political process and fostered my sense of civic responsibility. The dental hygiene program was committed to graduating excellent clinicians as well as dental professionals who cared about people’s oral health. The program encouraged active membership in our professional organization. It was expected that we continue our membership for camaraderie in the dental hygiene community and to participate in community service projects and continuing professional education. The Lake Land experience gave me the confidence, skills and abilities to be a crucial part of the healthcare team and a vital part of the world around me. I’ll always remember the speech that Dr. Podesta presented at our pinning ceremony where he said that ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’ – words to live by.”

“Two dental hygiene faculty members who were pivotal in shaping my dental hygiene education and my life were Marguerite Bryant and Jean Gammill. These ladies gave their students guidance and structure and expected us to give 100 percent. Their teaching ability was impeccable.”

R Rush Record

Tracie Goodnight-Egger

Champaign, IL

Hometown: Mattoon, IL
Employer: Champaign County Court Appointed Special Advocates
Job Title: Executive Director
Graduated: 1987
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Major: Law Enforement

“Growing up in Mattoon, I had always wanted to play baseball at Lake Land College. When given the opportunity to be a small part of that program by Gene Creek and Kurt Stretch, I immediately felt like part of the college from day one. For me, Lake Land was a perfect way to continue my education in a comfortable setting that was not as overwhelming as a large campus. The small class sizes and attention by the faculty made it a great place to be. Lake Land prepared me for a seamless transfer to Eastern Illinois University with the tools to complete my bachelor degree. I had the privilege of meeting many good people as a result of Lake Land College and created many life long memories. It is an unexpected honor to be part of the Distinguished Alumni Society at Lake Land College. I am proud to be a Laker.”

“Coach Gene Creek and Coach Kurt Stretch gave me the chance to be a part of a rich tradition that is Lake Land baseball. Not only did they give me the chance to play with and against some great ballplayers, but they are also two individuals who I learned a lot from off the field. Their support during my time at LLC was invaluable to me and being a part of that program was a privilege.”

Dave Storm

Tracie Goodnight-Egger

Effingham, IL

Hometown: Strasburg, IL
Employer: St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital
Job Title: Chief Financial Officer
Profession/ Occupation:Accountant
Graduated: 1975
Degree: Associate in Applied Science
Major: Business

“My experience at Lake Land College developed in me a better understanding of the word ‘value’ and its importance. The value of an excellent education in a convenient setting, the value of knowledge which enabled me to meet my employer’s needs and expectations and progress in my chosen field, and above all the value of what I am able to give back to my family and community. Lake Land College is the foundation on which my career was built. Lastly, this induction alone signifies the great, positive impact Lake Land College had on my career and life.”

“I have to name four — Marilyn Gover, Joyce Chase, Dave Stapleton, and Max Jaeger. All of these had a passion for teaching and took an interest in every student. Learning was fun under their direction.”

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