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Lake Land College holds 2013 GED Graduation Ceremony

Posted on June 24, 2013

This year, nearly 80 students from the Lake Land College Adult Education and Pathways programs passed the GED exam. To honor their accomplishments, a cap and gown ceremony was recently held in the college theater located in the Robert K. Luther Student Center. 

 Lake Land College President Scott Lensink presented the keynote address, and described the great accomplishment the graduates had achieved. 

“Earning a GED can be more difficult than receiving a traditional high school diploma,” explained Lensink. “Often, students have a more difficult path leading them down this route, but it makes earning the diploma all the more rewarding.” 

 For the class of 2013, six students received high honors, which is designated for students who score 3,000 or above on the GED exam. Special honors went to valedictorian Amanda Kriesel, Mattoon, and salutatorian Chablis Latch, Mattoon.

 Additionally, this year, the LLC Adult Education GED Scholarship Award was presented to Toby Austin, Charleston. 

 A cake and punch reception was held after the ceremony for dignitaries, students, family and friends.

This year’s GED graduates include:

Mitch Aldora, Watson 

Brianna Alvis, Allenville

Kathryn Anderson, Paris 

Jacob Ashby, Paris

Toby Austin, Charleston 

Patrick Barnett, Marshall

Peter Bernaeyge, Strasburg 

Destiny Black, Chrisman

Colton Bloxom, Mattoon

Jessica Branson, Paris 

Kaley Brown, Charleston 

Aaron Butler, Mattoon

Christopher Carlson, Charleston

Jose Carmona, Marshall

Heather Carver, Charleston 

Steven Chapman, Mattoon

Nick Cherry, Arcola

Justin Coleman, Charleston 

Sara Cook, Arthur

Breeanna Criner, Mattoon

Cameron Custer, Arthur   

Kristopher Davis, Lovington 

Daniel Day, Charleston 

Melissa Dockrey, Watson

Tiffany Dollins, Oakland 

Andrea Drum, Mattoon

Carla Duke, Paris 

Katy Erwin, Bethany  

Dylan Fagan, Effingham

Michaela Flick, Paris 

Brandy French, Mattoon 

Shannon Frost, Shelbyville 

Samantha Fuller, Charleston

Bobbie Gano, Mattoon 

Jennifer Gowern, Mattoon 

Fabian Harvey, Charleston 

Jason Herendeen, Mattoon

Alysha Hicks, Shelbyville   

Bryan Hicks, Greenup 

Kristin Hubbard, Shelbyville

Alyssa Huffman, Lovington

Zachary Janes, Mattoon 

Jackelyn Jenkins, Charleston 

Jennifer Jones, Mattoon 

Ryan Kielbasa, Mattoon  

Amber Lee Kramer, - Mattoon 

Amanda Kriesel, Mattoon, graduated with high honors

Chablis Latch, Mattoon, graduated with high honors

Brittany Lyons, Chrisman 

Brandon Maloney, Paris  

David Meagher, Windsor

Craig Miller, Windsor 

Anastacia Miner, Mattoon 

Jessica Moore, Mattoon 

Samuel Nugent, Cowden 

Heather Pearcy, Charleston

Justin Petersheim, Arthur, graduated with high honors 

Paige Plew, Paris 

Robert Price, Mattoon 

Dylan Rogers, Windsor  

Danny Ruyle, Arcola, graduated with high honors 

Monica Schamel, Mattoon, graduated with high honors

Alexander Shepard, Greenup, graduated with high honors

Brent Shupe, Greenup 

Eric Smith, Lakewood 

Jessica Smith, Mattoon 

Alicia Steen, Paris 

Debra Stewart, Mattoon 

Makinzee Taylor, Kansas 

Lindsey Ulrey, Paris 

Ethan Watson, Mason 

Elana Westfall-Roewe, Mattoon  

Crystal Williams, Paris 

Jessica Williams, Mattoon 

Matthew Winter, Shelbyville

Katelyn Yoder, Arthur 

Jean Young, Charleston 


GED classes are offered in Arthur, Charleston, Cowden, Effingham, Marshall, Mattoon, Paris and Shelbyville. The classes are free and have open enrollment. For more information on the GED program, call 217-235-0361 or 1-800-210-5541 or visit the LLC Adult Education Center located at 1617 Lake Land Blvd, Mattoon.



Cutline: This year, nearly 80 students from the Lake Land College Adult Education and Pathways programs passed the GED exam. Those who attended the annual graduation ceremony are pictured here. In the front row, from left are: Breeanna Criner, Effingham; Heather Carver, Casey; Jessica Smith, Windsor; Makinzee Taylor, Kansas; Andrea Drum, Mattoon; Jessica Moore, Mattoon; Jessica Williams, Shelbyville; Katelyn Yoder, Arthur; Destiny Black, Brocton; Bobbie Gano, Mattoon; and Tiffany Dollins, Oakland. In the middle row, from left are: Elana Westfall-Roewe, Mattoon; Monica Schamel, Mattoon; Shannon Frost, Charleston; Debra J. Stewart, Mattoon; Ryan Kielbasa, Mattoon; Chablis Latch, Mattoon; Toby Austin, Charleston; Jennifer Jones, Mattoon; Heather Pearcy, Mattoon; and Kristin Hubbard, Shelbyville. In the back row from left are: Kaley Brown, Charleston; Colton Bloxom, Mattoon; Dylan Rogers, Windsor; Christopher Carlson, Charleston; Zachary Jones, Mattoon; Craig Miller, Windsor; Alexander Shephard, Greenup; Justin Petersheim, Arthur; Pete Bernaeyge, Strasburg; Sara Cook, Arthur; and Robert Price, Mattoon.


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