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Lake Land College recognizes donors, scholarship recipients at annual Foundation Scholarship Reception

Posted on March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014

Lake Land College recently held its annual Foundation Scholarship Reception recognizing scholarship recipients as well as the donors who contribute financially to scholarship funding. The Foundation Scholarship Reception gives students and donors a time to meet and get to know more about one another.

“I’d like to thank each and every one of you, donors for your generosity and students for your efforts to pursue higher education,” said Debbie Benefiel, Foundation Board member. “We know that today more than ever, students at Lake Land College face challenges like raising families, the cost of living and transportation, and in many cases, maintaining employment while attaining education. It is through organizations like the foundation that we can all help contribute to the betterment of our communities by helping to support those around us.”

For the 2013-2014 academic school year alone, the Lake Land College Foundation has awarded more than $409,000 through more than 430 scholarships. However according to Benefiel, each year the foundation receives three times the amount of scholarship applications than can be awarded.

Foundation Board members include:, Bob Pancoast, president, Shelbyville; Nanci Huels, vice president, Altamont; Paul Glenney, secretary, Mattoon; Tom Wright, Dieterich; Debbie Benefiel, Paris; Michael Bohannon, Charleston; Steve Childers, Mattoon; Chad Faller, Charleston; Dave Frisse, Paris; Jennifer Jansen, Effingham; Garth Jones, Mattoon; John Livesay, Pana; Linda McCabe, Bethany; Jeff Mefford, Effingham; Deana Nuxoll, Effingham; Preston Smith, Mattoon; Chad Thompson, Effingham; Meg Yargus, Marshall; Doris Reynolds, Board of Trustees liaison, Mattoon; Nancy Wurtsbaugh, Neoga; Madge Shoot, treasurer, Mattoon; Amy Borntrager, honorary board member, Mattoon; Ray Rieck, Foundation CFO, Mattoon; and Josh Bullock, ex-officio and Foundation CEO. 

Brooke Homann of Charleston, who is studying pre-med, said that the scholarship she received through the foundation is allowing her pursue her college education.

“It was surely a reality check when I was exploring the cost of four-year schools. I soon learned that going straight to a university was simply not in the cards for me,” said Homann. “Lake Land College was not my first school of choice and I had no idea my time here would impact me so much. I came here with a plan of doing one year and transferring. But I’m staying here for two full years to complete my associate degree and then transfer because of the excellent institution I am a part of. When I can, I plan to return to Lake Land and support the Foundation, just like it has supported me as a student.”

The Lake Land College Foundation was established exclusively for educational, scientific and charitable purposes. The foundation assists the College in developing and enhancing the educational opportunities and service to its students, alumni and citizens of the district.

The following students received foundation scholarships this year:

Heather Began, Altamont
Brian Goers, Altamont
Zachary Hutson, Altamont
Taylor Kollmann, Altamont
Bryce Kopplin, Altamont
Miles Kopplin, Altamont
Allison Wendling, Altamont
Amelia Winters, Altamont
Eli Stephens, Annapolis
Jennifer Baca, Arcola
Alexandria Binion, Arthur
Kaden Hanscel, Arthur
James Hatcher, Arthur
Brittney Pourchot, Arthur
Michelle Panetti, Ashmore
Mary Gardner, Beecher City
Timothy Petty, Beecher City
Leah Oathout, Bethany
Hannah Robinson, Bethany
Mallory Robinson, Bethany
Hollie Austin, Brocton
Tyler Feezel, Brownstown
Brittany Kistler, Brownstown
Ashton Smith, Brownstown
Mitchell Smith, Brownstown
Brandon Daniel, Bunker Hill
Kassidi Burton, Casey
Courtney Gossett, Casey
Kendall Hutson, Casey
Lexy Long, Casey
Alexis Montgomery, Casey
Landon Ragon, Casey
Jennifer Roberts, Casey
Taylor Spivey, Casey
Brian Stout, Casey
Joshua Sawyer , Cerro Gordo
Joshua Amacher, Charleston
Toby Austin, Charleston
Thomas Bingham, Charleston
Trevor Bradley, Charleston
Dawn Brazzell, Charleston
Jesse Campbell, Charleston
Alicia Carver, Charleston
Courtney Carver, Charleston
Shayla Chastain, Charleston
Kathleen Dunlap, Charleston
Erik Eix, Charleston
Jerad Ferguson, Charleston
Christen Francis, Charleston
Kerry Frazier, Charleston
Madison Goodwin, Charleston
Sydney Hadfield, Charleston
Johnathan Hedrick, Charleston
Veronica Hemmingway, Charleston
Brooke Homann, Charleston
Stephen Jackson, Charleston
Larry Kuhl, Charleston
Breeana Lankford, Charleston
Kaitlyn Nead, Charleston
Megan Obrien, Charleston
Jacqueline Rainey, Charleston
Matthew Rose, Charleston
Katlyn Smith, Charleston
Jonathan Thomas, Charleston
Lucas Thomas, Charleston
Assita Josiane Traore, Charleston
Katherine Weber, Charleston
Emerson Wilson, Charleston
Emily Smith, Cowden
Jill Brummer, Dieterich
Derek Cox, Dieterich
Olivia Kuhl, Dieterich
Candace Niemerg, Dieterich
Molly Niemerg, Dieterich
Ashley Phillips, Dieterich
Kyle Webb, Dieterich
Taylor Kuhns, Edgewood
Ryan Mayhaus, Edgewood
Derek Warren , Edgewood
Anita Bierman, Effingham
Whitlee Blakeman, Effingham
Kara Bourgeois, Effingham
Deanna Collier, Effingham
Zebulen Collier, Effingham
Mark Devall, Effingham
Trenton Frey, Effingham
Natasha Gardewine, Effingham
Erin Goeckner, Effingham
Todd Goeckner, Effingham
Adriana Kaufman, Effingham
Hunter Keith, Effingham
Ian Keith, Effingham
Taylor Kistler, Effingham
Kallie Koester, Effingham
Amber Kreke,  Effingham
Debbie Ledbetter, Effingham
Brianne Martin, Effingham
Samantha Mathews, Effingham
Sean Meyer, Effingham
Megan Miller,  Effingham
Shelby Overbeck, Effingham
Bailey Pals, Effingham
Kimberly Perkins, Effingham
Cody Pike, Effingham
Alita Pinal, Effingham
Timothy Probst, Effingham
Zachary Pruemer, Effingham
Constance Rickey, Effingham
Anna Shelton, Effingham
Renee Slifer Effingham
Travis Summers, Effingham
Haley Tarr, Effingham
Kelli Utz, Effingham
Kourtney, Utz Effingham
Kimberly Weishaar, Effingham
Lauren Withiem, Effingham
Jeannetta Woomer, Effingham
Hannah Kleinik, Farina
Klaiton  Strullmyer, Farina
Matthew Keown, Findlay
Kacy Mugrage, Flora
Ryan Fisher, Gays
Bostyn Kirk, Gays
Brennyn Kirk, Gays
Cole McKimmy, Gays
Erin Mowry, Gays
Kierstin, VanHyfte, Gays
Brittany Cain, Greenup
Tyler Carl, Greenup
Christina Carter, Greenup
Adam Gilbert, Greenup
Harley Black, Herrick
Paige Buchanan, Herrick
Kimberly Cushing, Herrick
Mackenzie Morrison, Herrick
Cheyenne Cameron, Jewett
Ryan Camp, Kansas
Teadora Camp, Kansas
Kendra Conine, Kansas
Hayden Parker, Kansas
Jennifer Poehler, Kansas
Dylan Rardin, Kansas
Myles Batson, Lerna
Austin Hernandez, Lerna
Chelsy Lorance, Lerna
Cody Morris, Lerna
Nathan Bible, Louisville
Kenna McGee, Louisville
Norah Hopkins, Lovington
Nicholas Martina, Lovington
Mallory Renfro, Lovington
Kelsey Zancha, Lovington
Kendall Bombard, Marshall
Kimberly Downey, Marshall
Kyle Dunscomb, Marshall
Taylor Maurer, Marshall
Robert Smitley, Marshall
Tyler Elliott, Martinsville
Tara-Michelle Townsend, Martinsville
Melody Wittenmyer, Martinsville
Amanda Arena, Mattoon
Karen Arthion, Mattoon
Patrick Bell, Mattoon
Macy Berkson, Mattoon
Emily Bolen, Mattoon
Heather Brown, Mattoon
Jennifer Burrell, Mattoon
Larry Butler,  Mattoon
Joshua Caldwell, Mattoon
Ross Carls, Mattoon
Bryan Cox, Mattoon
Corey Davidson, Mattoon
KeWan Davis, Mattoon
Anna DeBuhr, Mattoon
Savanah Drew, Mattoon
Jessica Dunbar, Mattoon
Cody Easley, Mattoon
Alexandria Elliott, Mattoon
Julia Fasking, Mattoon
Jeff Gilliland, Mattoon
Jason Gilliland, Mattoon
Joseph Herbert, Mattoon
Michael Herr, Mattoon
Kerry Hess, Mattoon
Mitchel Hirsch, Mattoon
Cayla Hoffman, Mattoon
Jennifer Jean, Mattoon
Jason Jones, Mattoon
Kourtney Jones, Mattoon
Sarah Kemp, Mattoon
Cody Kill, Mattoon
Shui Ting Lau, Mattoon
Katherine Lloyd, Mattoon
Justin Luecking, Mattoon
Raissa Mboma Mwenze, Mattoon
Seth Miller, Mattoon
Bethany Moritz, Mattoon
Courtney Morris, Mattoon
Sam Naroze, Mattoon
Jaime Nasta, Mattoon
John Olmsted, Mattoon
Brianna Otto, Mattoon
Matthew Paddick, Mattoon
Amber Peeler,  Mattoon
Felicia Perry, Mattoon
Delaney Porter, Mattoon
Angelica Ragonese, Mattoon
Hilary Rawlings, Mattoon
Mikki Rebollo, Mattoon
Phillip Riley, Mattoon
Christina Robison, Mattoon
Andrea Sanders, Mattoon
Kortni Sanders, Mattoon
Cassandra Scott, Mattoon
Allie Seaman, Mattoon
Jeri Shoultz, Mattoon
Janet Tapian, Mattoon
Shelby Tate, Mattoon
Kaleb Thornhill, Mattoon
Orville Utsler,  Mattoon
Benjamin Vieth, Mattoon
Molly Walker, Mattoon
Zack Waters, Mattoon
Lindsey Wheat, Mattoon
Michael White, Mattoon
Tyrin Williams, Mattoon
ThereseWilson, Mattoon
Eric Winans, Mattoon
Chelsy Wright, Mattoon
Matthew Zeller, Mattoon
Adam Kessler, Mode
Colton Wade, Mode
Seth Flach, Montrose
Noah Johnson, Mount Zion
Kristen  Jansen, Neoga
Kathryn O'Dell, Neoga
Megan Schabbing, Neoga
Christopher Walk, Neoga
Erin Walk, Neoga
Rebecca Warfel, Neoga
Nick Wernsing, Neoga
Garrison Vezina, Newman
Anthony Vaultonburg, Oakland
Shannon McBurney, Oakland
Ami Meyer, Oakland
Austin Meyer, Oakland
Autumn Meyer, Oakland
Beverly Notaro, Oakland
Monica Ochs-Saril, Oakland
Kelsie Davis, Palmer
Rebecca Bland, Pana
Michael Cothern, Pana
Morgan Dressen, Pana
Bart Dubre, Pana
Kelsie England, Pana
Jordan McCombe, Pana
Kayla Miller, Pana
Kristina Pollman, Pana
Cynthia Schmitz, Pana
Lacey Seaton, Pana
Sarah Sparks, Pana
Michael Spurgeon, Pana
Aaron Vandenbergh,  Pana
Lucrisha Weddle, Pana
Christina Wooldridge, Pana
Amanda Jernigan, Paris
Hannah Jernigan, Paris
Alyssa Lamb, Paris
Allison Melton, Paris
Ashley Spencer, Paris
Geoffrey Swinford, Paris
Courtney Wall , Ramsey
Cassie Abendroth, Saint Elmo
Tara Johnson, Saint Elmo
Hannah Fogleman, Shelbyville
Alexis Hall, Shelbyville
Cassie Jennings, Shelbyville
Danielle Keller, Shelbyville
Mary Mars, Shelbyville
Hayden Miller, Shelbyville
Amanda Overbeck, Shelbyville
Megan Schwerman, Shelbyville
Cassondra Strehlow, Shelbyville
Taylor Wilcox, Shelbyville
Braydon Braun, Shumway
Jamie Shouse, Shumway
Sierra Struthers, Sigel
Travis Walk, Sigel
Trevor Walk, Sigel
Dylan Roley, Stewardson
Brittani Augenstein, Strasburg
Emily Griffin, Strasburg
Mariah Tabbert, Strasburg
Shalyn Wildman, Strasburg
Jacob Adams, Sullivan
Anthony Gingerich, Sullivan
Sidney Goad, Sullivan
Stephanie Johnson, Sullivan
Kathleen Prideaux, Sullivan
David Puyear, Sullivan
Tiara Ryherd, Sullivan
Isaac Smith, Sullivan
Jennifer Starr, Sullivan
Tyler Stewart, Sullivan
Kris Taylor, Sullivan
Derrick Zerrusen, Sullivan
Nicholas Heuerman, Teutopolis
Haley Isley, Teutopolis
Travis Lidy, Teutopolis
Dylan Niebrugge, Teutopolis
Dalton Overbeck, Teutopolis
Nicole Pals, Teutopolis
Jill Weishaar, Teutopolis
Dana Westendorf, Teutopolis
Bailey Dow, Toledo
Adam Nail, Toledo
Marissa Tegeler, Toledo
Gage Beck, Tower Hill
Ashley Kay, Tower Hill
Donald Stivers, Tower Hill
Brent Ladage, Tuscola
April Renfrow, Villa Grove
Melissa Dockrey, Watson
Jessica Meyer, Watson
Terry Adams, Westfield
Kaley McKinney, Westfield
Austin Hallock, White Hall
Olivia Fox, Windsor
Blake Shuemaker, Windsor
Lowell Wiltermood, Windsor










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