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The year is 1974, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Friday, April 19 in the year 1974.

Clem Phipps retires from LLC Board (April 19, 1974): A special program was held in Phipps’ honor, which included speeches from President Webb and former President Judge, the ICCTA’s Executive Secretary L.H. Horton, Jr., and President of the LLCFA. After serving on the Board since its inception—most notably as a member of the EIASE’s steering committee—Phipps decided to step down. Phipps, who had been Chairman of the Board for five years, said that his service to LLC had “been the most interesting and rewarding experience” of his life.

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Faculty Bulletin Vol. 8, No. 28 (April 29, 1974)


Lake Land College Newsletter Vol. 6, No. 2 (February 1974) Page 3


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