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The year is 1977, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Sunday, November 13 in the year 1977.

New college center dedication (November 13, 1977): Adding 28,000 square feet to LLC’s campus, the new College Center included a theatre, cafeteria, student union, and offices for administrators. The total cost of the project—75% of which was paid for by the state—was $1,726,375. A formal dinner for employees was the first event ever held in the center; other ceremony highlights for the week included a film festival, a series of Women’s Day Workshops, and a bluegrass concert performed by the Indian Creek Delta Boys.

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Lake Land College Newsletter Vol. 10, No. 1 (December 1977) Pages 2 and 3


"Lake Land College Builds Phase III: Enrolls 4,012" Effingham Daily News Thursday, December 30, 1976 Page 10


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