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The year is 2005, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Wednesday, October 26 in the year 2005.

Southeast Classroom Building renamed and rededicated in honor of LLC’s 2nd President, Dr. Robert Webb (October 26, 2005): Acting on a recommendation made by President Luther to the Board of Trustees three months earlier, the building, which was home to many business and dental hygiene classrooms, as well as the ISS Department, was officially changed to Webb Hall in honor of Dr. Webb. Prior to a dedication reception, speeches were given by Dr. Luther, Ross Jett (retired faculty member who worked closely with Webb in the school’s early years), and board member Mike Sullivan, who praised Dr. Webb for his service to LLC, which included the creation of the Business for Business and Industry, the expansion of the district, and managing the school’s first set of academic programs; he also was instrumental in identifying and helping hire most of LLC’s first faculty members, a fact that made him popular among the teachers at the school.

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