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The year is 1990, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Friday, September 21 in the year 1990.

Paris Nursing Education Center opens (September 21, 1990): The Paris Nursing Education Center was at different times, three different buildings, according to Marilyn Fuqua Thompson, Director of the Nursing Program at the time: It was first in a trailer, then a log cabin, and, finally, an old restaurant. The need for the extension center was due to an agreement with Danville Area Community College to offer an Associate Degree in Nursing (RN), with the didactic portion being taught at the Paris location. During the first year, one “dedicated” faculty member was responsible for all the classroom teaching duties, an arrangement that was quickly deemed impractical because of the impossible breadth of knowledge an individual instructor would be required to possess. Thus, the nursing faculty adopted rotation schedule, as well as used distance learning systems to reach the students, which was another difficulty in light of the complex subject matter.

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