A Look Through History - LLC Archives - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

The year is 1993, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, February 16 in the year 1993.

John Deere and LLC form partnership (February 16, 1993): Joining nine other community colleges, like those found in Arkansas, California, and New York, Lake Land began offering an Ag. Tech. Program meant to prepare graduates to become future John Deere dealership technicians, as well as retrain current dealership employees. The Ag. Tech. Program, which admitted 22 students its first year (fall of 1993), included 44 weeks of classroom instruction and lab work, followed by 28 weeks of hands-on experience at a sponsoring John Deere dealership. Curt Rinker (Chairman of the Agriculture Department), Ken Drollinger (Ag. Tech. Instructor), and Ron Sanderson (Dean of Vocational-Technical Programs) were a few of the LLC employees were instrumental in bringing this profitable program to the school at a time when members of the administration and BOT were facing concerns over the budget.


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