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The year is 1985, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, November 5 in the year 1985.

Tax referendums fail (November 5, 1985): Citing “one of the lowest total operating rates” in Illinois—LLC ranked 30th out of 39 community colleges—a decreased tax revenue base, and a tax rate that had remained the same since 1979, school officials aggressively sought voter approval for a 12 cent tax increase. The College’s attempt to generate money for its Education Fund and its Operations, Building and Maintenance Fund failed badly: The education fund referendum failed by a vote of 15,358 “against” the increase and 5,137 for it, while the building fund referendum lost with a vote of 15,920 “against” and 4,303 “for.” The College insisted the increases were necessary to prevent limiting enrollment to certain programs, the continued use of obsolete technologies, and the deterioration of outdated buildings.


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