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The year is 1982, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Thursday, November 18 in the year 1982.

LLC men’s basketball team welcomes new coach (November 18, 1982): Before coaching his first game on the road against Lewis and Clark, which the Lakers won 88-75, Lockett served as the team’s assistant coach for four years. Lockett—who would eventually serve the longest term of any men’s basketball coach before him and who was affectionately known as “Digger” to some associated with the program—ended his tenure as coach the same way he started it on February 14, 1989: with an impressive win, this time against rival Parkland 89-77 in the last regular season home game he ever coached at Laker Field House. Lockett, known for his defensive-minded teams, recruiting the best in-district players available, and caring deeply about his athlete’s individual development off the court, was dismissed of his coaching duties by the BOT near the end of the 1989 season. Lockett only suffered three losing seasons out of seven, winning the 17th Annual Laker Classic in 1986.

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