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The year is 1967, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Wednesday, September 6 in the year 1967.

Classes begin in short-term buildings (September 6, 1967): 629 students enrolled for classes the first semester at a variety of short-term facilities, including the Methodist church in downtown Mattoon, the former Utterback’s Business College on Western Avenue, and at the National Guard Armory on Broadway and Logan. Five days earlier, when the school officially opened the academic year, 406 students registered at the Armory. In addition to courses in traditional disciplines, the college offered 18 vocational-technical curriculums, which reflected the board’s commitment to training and retraining adults. Tuition, which was set at $3.25 per credit hour, was a reason many surveyed students were attracted to the college that first term, and it was a figure that all of the board members were comfortable charging.

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