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The year is 1966, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, November 22 in the year 1966.

First Board of Trustees members elected to office. (November 22, 1966): After the referendum passed successfully that would help build the college’s infrastructure, voters in the district had to elect members of the first board of trustees. The Junior College Steering Committee developed guidelines—a nonbinding “gentleman’s agreement” designed to balance the board’s geographic representation—was formed. After interviewing all possible candidates, the board formally endorsed through the publication and distribution of pamphlets, eight candidates. The seven candidates elected were Arthur Culumber (Tower Hill), Floyd Curl (Neoga), Robert Johnston (Shelbyville), Dr. LE McNeil (Toledo), Thomas Nolan (Oakland), Clem Phipps (Mattoon), and Edward Resch (Casey). A week later, at the group’s first meeting, Clemm Phipps and Floyd Curl were elected board chairman and secretary, respectively.

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