A Look Through History - LLC Archives - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

The year is 2000, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Monday, October 30 in the year 2000.

College hires first Master Gardner (October 30, 2000): Beginning with President Luther’s tenure, improving the external look of the college was emphasized, and the hiring of Curt Devore, LLC’s first Master Gardner, reflected the school’s commitment to that campus beautification initiative. Men like Jimmie Rosa, Ron Jones, Randy Seaman, Bill Krietemeyer, and Paul Icenogle—LLC’s 2nd Master Gardner—shaped the campus landscape as a way to give visitors a good first and last impression by presenting them with a well-cared for campus, according to Icenogle, which is always the “primary motivation” of any gardner. Ultimately, the transformation of the campus’ “look and feel,” which required “much time and effort” initially, still involves a great deal of planning and care by staff to maintain it.

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