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The year is 2007, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Thursday, May 31 in the year 2007.

Dr. Thallemer resigns (May 31, 2007): The day before, Dr. Thallemer submitted to college representatives a letter of resignation effective May 31, 2007, bringing an end to the shortest term of any previous LLC president. The reason for his departure remains officially unknown, but according to the 30-month contract he and the board of trustees agreed to 11-months earlier, there were four reasons the employment relationship could end: “mutual agreement, discharge for cause, permanent disability, and death.” The agreement between the two sides included a severance package for Dr. Thallemer and a “no sue” clause for the college. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Thallemer’s vocal supporters—including students, staff, faculty members, and members of the community—endorsed him on the several public occasions when his future status was being discussed. After leaving Lake Land College, he became Vice President at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon in June of 2008.


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