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The year is 1967, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Tuesday, November 28 in the year 1967.

Lake Land basketball game played (November 28, 1967): Played at the Central Junior High School gym in Mattoon, the basketball team’s first game—and the first-ever LLC sporting event—was a win (86-58 against Chanute AFB). Mahlon Sanders, a forward from Decatur, was the leading scorer, 28 points, while Charleston-native Rex Morgan, also a forward, grabbed 15 rebounds. Head Coach Jim Dudley, who also served as the school’s first Athletic Director, amassed an impressive 20-1 record that inaugural season, including an undefeated streak of 20 games and a game with a nearly 100-point margin of victory.

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Bob Orr and Jim Dudley 1967


Mahlon Sanders (44)


Bob Rogers (33)


Jack Crumrin (21)


(From Left to Right): Bob Rogers (33), Rex Morgan (24), Tom Strong (40), Mahlon Sanders (44), Don Rowe (13), and Jerry Nelson (10)


From Left to Right: Don Rowe, Jack Crumrin, Mahlon Sanders, Bob Rogers, Jerry Nelson, and Jim Dudley


Left to Right: Unidentified, Tom Strong, Mahlon Sanders, Rex Morgan, and Jim Dudley


From Left to Right: Dave Hooe (22), Don Rowe (13), Mike Bruener (11), Bob Rogers (33), Rex Morgan (24), Tom Strong (40), Mahlon Sanders (44), John Hamilton (35), Steve Bolerjack (30), Jack Crumrin (21), Bob Kaaz (20) and Jerry Nelson (10) Center Front: Jim Dudley


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