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The year is 1980, now click on the day in the timeline below.


The day is Friday, December 12 in the year 1980.

Dunker Duck, Lake Land College’s unofficial mascot, makes his debut: (December 12, 1980): At the beginning of that year’s Laker Classic Basketball Tournament, Dunker Duck (a.k.a. Tim Zarn, a Civil Engineering student), sprang from a cardboard box adorned with Christmas decorations at half court, thus introducing the College’s new mascot to fans. Dunker Duck, who was voted on by students in a survey organized by cheerleader sponsor Melinda Gill, beat out a “Popeye-like” sailor, and was designed by an art student who donated his illustrations to the school. The “dunk” part of his name was coined by Wally Taylor, Division Chairperson of the English Department, since all the players on the men’s team were able to easily dunk the ball during games. During the season, Dunker Duck was used in a variety of ways, including as a goodwill ambassador who visited local schools and nursing homes. The name behind the costume was a secret throughout the entire basketball season, however, until that year’s annual athletic banquet, when his true identity was unveiled.

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