Job Description

Coordinator of Employment and Compensation

Position Title: Coordinator of Employment and Compensation
Department: Human Resources
Supervisor: Director of Human Resources

Description of Essential Functions (critical tasks):

Job Summary: The primary responsibility of this position is to coordinate and maintain employment and compensation processes, supporting records and associated functions within the HRIS system. Assist in the daily functions of the Human Resources office.
  • In collaboration with other Human Resources staff, prepare and manage the issuance and receipt of employee notifications regarding position, pay rate, and/or instructional assignment, and associated employee paperwork.
  • Manage employee processing and ensure accurate data for new and continuing employees, including entry in the HRIS and elsewhere as appropriate.
  • Ensure creation and maintenance of personnel files and records.
  • Process instructor pay for both faculty and adjunct instructors and ensuring compliance with College policies, procedures, contracts, and laws.
  • Tracks and processes longevity increase and educational increases according to collective bargaining agreements.
  • Performs various processes relative to employee pay for additional compensation including stipends.
  • Prepare documents for annual employee salary changes in consultation with the Director and enter related information into the HRIS. Prepare and distribute annual rate increase letters to employees.
  • Monitor and maintain completions of probationary employee's evaluations and annual evaluations.
  • Work with the Human Resources Director and ISS staff to fulfill mandated reporting requirements including ICCB and other regulatory reports, such as annual economic interest survey.
  • Respond to various voluntary compensation surveys on behalf of the College.
  • Develop and run regular and ad hoc reports from Human Resources Databases to prepare and analyze date related to: a. Track Human Resources metrics including but not limited to employee counts, turn-over, employee demographics, etc; b. Respond to internal and external information requests; c. Ensure accurate HRIS data through regular audits; and d. Provide information for various projects are requested
  • Prepare the Human Resources report for monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  • Verify employment for employees to outside creditors and agencies.
  • Complete the monthly reports and new hire reports pursuant to Illinois Public Act 101-620 to provide the union information on bargaining unit employees.
  • Participate in other Human Resources activities and responsibilities.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Specific Functional Job Requirements

Education: Associate's degree required. Bachelor's degree preferred. Preference in Business related field.
Experience: Three years' work experience in business related work. Prior experience working in Human Resources is preferred.
Knowledge: Demonstrates understanding of federal and state discrimination laws and regulations required. Detail-oriented; problem solving and analyzing abilities. Ability to plan and organize, great listening skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively and interact with all levels of college employees and applicants in a professional and confidential manner. Maintain data integrity and reporting for the Human Resources area.
Personal: Ability to work maintain strict confidentiality is required.
Machines and equipment used: Computer, phone, fax machine, copy machine, calculator, scanner

General Employment Statement

A. Length of training and Probationary Period: 90 Days
B. Hours of Work Day: 8 hours
C. Group Affiliation: Support Staff Grade Level: 13
D. Condition of Employment: Non Exempt
E. Position: N

Job Demands

Some = 1-3 hours/day Frequently = 4-6 hours/day Very Frequently = 7+ hours/day

Job Demand None Some Freq Very Freq
Standing Y
Walking Y
Sitting Y
Climbing Y
Bending Y
Stooping/Kneeling Y
Crawling Y
Repetitive Motions: Hand-Wrist Y
Repetitive Motions: Elbow Y
Lifting: 0-25 lbs Y
Lifting: 26-50 lbs Y
Lifting: 51-75 lbs Y
Lifting: 76-100 lbs Y
Lifting: 100+ lbs Y
Carrying: 0-25 lbs Y
Carrying: 26-50 lbs Y
Carrying: 50+ lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 0-25 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 26-50 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 51-75 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 76-100 lbs Y
Pushing/Pulling: 100+ lbs Y

Physician Requirements

Physical Requirements Required
Manual Dexterity (Hand/Eye Corrd) Y
Hear Alarms/Telephone/tape Recorder Y
Finger Dexterity Y
Color Vision Y
Visual Acuity - Far Y
Visual Acuity - Near Y
Depth Perception Y
Use of Respiratory Protection
Appropriate Safety Equipment

Hazards/Exposure to:

Type Required
Toxic/Caustic Chemicals or Detergents
Extreme Conditions (Hot/Cold)
Moving Mechanical Parts
Potential Electrical Shock
Electro Magnetic Energy (Laser)
High Pitched/Loud Noises
Blood Borne Pathogens: Type: Body Fluids
Blood Borne Pathogens: % of Time: 80%
Gaseous Risk

Hazards/Exposure to:

Judgment and Reasoning Required
Manage Stress Appropriately Y
Handle Multiple Priorities Y
Make Decisions Under Pressure Y
Work Alone Y
Manage Anger/Fear/Hostility/Appropriately Y
Work in Area that are Confined or Crowded Y