College Personnel


College Personnel
05.01 Definition of Full-Time and Part-Time Employment
05.01.01 The Administration
05.01.02 The Faculty
05.01.03 The Supervisory Staff
05.01.04 The Institutional Support Staff
05.01.05 The Paraprofessional Staff
05.01.06 The Custodial Staff
05.02 Negotiated Agreements with Full-time Faculty, Paraprofessional, and Custodial Staff for Conditions of Employment
05.02.01 Instructors as Student Advisors
05.02.02 Faculty Registration Duties
05.02.04 Minimum Faculty Employment Requirements/Qualifications
05.02.05 Paraprofessional/Custodial Employment Requirements/Qualifications
05.02.06 Faculty Proficiency in Oral English
05.02.07 Faculty Professional Responsibilities
05.02.09 Performance Evaluation and Tenure of Faculty Members
05.02.10 Annual Review and Evaluation of Paraprofessional and Custodial Staff
05.03 Bargaining Units
05.04 Administrative, Supervisory and Support Staff
05.04.01 Employment Requirements/Qualifications
05.04.02 Exempt/Non-exempt Status (Supervisory and Support Staff)
05.04.03 Probationary Status (Supervisory and Support Staff)
05.04.04 Work Week
05.04.05 Life, Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
05.04.06 Personal Days
05.04.07 Sick Days
05.04.08 Bereavement Leave
05.04.09 Leave for Jury Duty or Court Attendance
05.04.10 Maternity Leave
05.04.11 Parental Leave
05.04.12 Family and Medical Leave
05.04.13 Military Leave
05.04.14 General Leave of Absence without Pay
05.04.15 Absence Due to Inclement Weather
05.04.16 Sabbatical Leave for Administrators and Supervisors
05.04.17 Performance Review
05.04.18 Discipline and Suspension, Demotion or Dismissal for Cause
05.04.19 Grievance Procedure (Supervisory and Support Staff)
05.04.20 Overtime for Non-Exempt Employees
05.04.21 Vacations
05.04.22 Salary and Grade Schedules
05.04.23 Position Status
05.04.24 Grant Funded Department of Corrections Staff Seniority Rights
05.05 Qualifications, Expectations, Duties, Requirements, Compensation and Incentives for Adjunct Faculty
05.06 Part-time Non-Instructional Employee Incentives
05.07 Student Employees
05.08 Job Descriptions
05.09 Responsibilities of Club Sponsors
05.10 Hiring Procedures for Full-time Employees
05.11 Disability and Worker's Compensation
05.12 Organizational Chart
05.14 Intellectual Property Rights
05.15 Part-time Pay, Stipends, and Substitute Pay
05.16 Compensation for Non-Credit Teaching
05.17 Compensation for Outside Specialists for Credit and Non-credit Teaching
05.18 Exit Checklist
05.19 Failure to Report for Work
05.20 Holidays and Summer Work Week
05.21 Employee Resignations
05.22 Planned Retirement
05.23 Tuition Waivers
05.25 Outside Employment
05.26 Conduct and Appearance
05.27 State Universities Retirement System
05.28 Medicare Insurance
05.29 Professional Development
05.30 Children in the Workplace
05.31 Employee Assistance Program
05.32 Retired Employee Health Insurance Rights
05.33 Faculty and Staff Attendance at College Activities
05.34 Tuition Reimbursement
05.35 Anti-Nepotism
05.36 Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Policy