Academic Programs and Services


Academic Programs and Services
06.01 Academic Freedom
06.02 Curriculum Advisory Committees
06.03 Academic Calendar
06.04 Cooperative Educational Agreements
06.05 The College Library
06.05.01 Library Bill of Rights
06.05.02 "Freedom to Read" Statement
06.05.03 Public Access to Electronic Information Networks
06.06 Inclusion of Human Relations in Curriculum
06.07 Baccalaureate/Transfer Program Guarantee
06.08 Occupational Program Guarantee
06.09 Curriculum Development
06.10 Elimination of a Program/Curriculum
06.11 Academic Divisions
06.12 Division Chair Selection and Replacement
06.13 Illinois Articulation Initiative
06.14 Credit for Professional Certification and Licensure
06.15 Credit by Proficiency Examination
06.16 Credit through CLEP Examination
06.17 Life Experience Credit through Portfolio Development
06.18 Credit through the Advanced Placement Program
06.18.01 Credit through the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy
06.19 Dual Credit Program
06.20 Limitation on Course Loads
06.21 Course Audit
06.22 Waiver of Graduation Requirements
06.23 Independent Study
06.24 Attendance in the Classroom
06.25 College Catalog
06.26 Art Gallery
06.27 Audio/Visual Equipment
06.28 Land Laboratory
06.29 Center for Technology and Professional Development
06.31 Learning Laboratories
06.35 John Deere Partnership
06.36 Illinois Department of Transportation Quality Control/Quality Assurance
06.37 Correctional Programs
06.38 Textbook Rental
06.39 Center for Business and Industry
06.42 Non-credit Classes/Community Education
06.44 Radio Station WLKL
06.45 Faculty and Staff Research and Consulting
06.46 Upper Division and Graduate Course Offerings by Other Institutions
06.47 Field Trips, Field Studies, and Students Studying Abroad
06.47.01 Faculty/Staff Exchange
06.48 Final Examinations
06.49 Children in the Classroom
06.50 Community Personnel in the Classroom
06.51 Continuing Education
06.53 Requirements for More than One Associate Degree
06.54 Grade Exclusion
06.55 Alternative Education Program (Pathways)
06.56 Volunteer Literacy Program (Project PAL)
06.58 Adult Education Program