Lake Land College Board Policy Manual

Preface - Board Policy Manual

This manual of policies has been determined to be the official document of the Lake Land College Board of Trustees and supersedes all other documents and manuals written or approved by the Board. It sets forth authority by which the Board acts, as well as the administrative and procedural methods by which the Board officially functions.

Policies established herein reflect either legal authorizations, obligations of the Board of Trustees, or general policies which have been approved by the Board in an effort to facilitate the efficient operation of the College pursuant to the Illinois Public Community College Act and Illinois Compiled Statutes Chapter 110, Act 805, with related acts as amended. The manual provides a common guide for employees of the College, students and the general public, and ultimately, of course, the policies set forth herein are designed to ensure the quality of the educational services for the residents of the College service area.

It is also understood that the regulations contained in this manual do not supersede actions of the Board as recorded in the official minutes of the Board meetings.

 Adopted November 9, 1998

Annual Review of Board Policy Manual in its Entirety Conducted by College Leadership Team in 2017

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01 Identification of Institution

02 Board of Trustees

03 Meetings of the Board of Trustees

04 Chief Executive Officer of the College

05 College Personnel

06 Academic Programs and Services

07 Students

08 Public Safety

09 Physical Facilities and Equipment

10 Fiscal Affairs

11 General College Policies