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Essential Information


Registration begins June 18, 2014.


When registering online, payment by Visa, MasterCard or Discover may be required.

To register online you first must choose a subject then click the "Register" button for the
class you wish to take to proceed to online registration.


Mail the completed registration form to.

Admissions and Records
Lake Land College
5001 Lake Land Blvd.
Mattoon, IL 61938


Fax completed registration form to Admissions and Records at (217) 234-5390. Call (217) 234-5434 for confirmation of receipt.


Call Admissions and Records at (217) 234-5434 to register for any classes except those with a Credit Class or a CPP or CNC prefix.

In person

Register in person at Admissions and Records, which is located in the Student Center on the Lake Land College campus in Mattoon.



If a class has a material fee, it is included in the cost of the class.
Course sections that begin with CE, payment by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover is required.  Course sections that begin with CNC or CPP cannot be paid for online. All other registration will be sent a statement from the Accounting Office.

For Statement or billing questions, please contact the Accounting Office at (217) 234-5214.


See a Credit course get some credit!

Courses with this icon Credit course or if the course has a CNC or CPP prefix are for credit. These courses are graded pass/fail and are transcripted for you. *Registration forms for these classes will be put into the system by Admissions and Records beginning June 18,2014. Students under 18 need to have a special permission form on file or else cannot be registered in these credit classes.


Please note that classes may be canceled due to insufficient enrollment. If the class is canceled, you will be notified and will receive a full refund. Refunds are issued twice a month.


Non-standard courses, because of the unique circumstances associated with scheduling, securing resources, and the ability to backfill vacated seats require five (5) college business days' notice in advance of the first class meeting to receive a 100% refund. Refunds are issued two times a month.

Refund example: Count first day of class, example September 5, as day one. Count back 5 days. Exclude Saturdays and Sundays (and Fridays in the summer.) You would have to drop by August 28 to get a refund.


Call Admissions and Records at (217) 234-5434 to drop a class.

In Person

Drop class in person at Admissions and Records, which is located in the Student Center on the Lake Land College campus in Mattoon.

College for Youth Scholarships

To encourage participation by all students, a limited number of need- based scholarships are available. To determine eligibility, please send a short letter of request and a copy of last year's tax forms to Community and Professional Programs, Lake Land College, 305 Richmond Ave. E., Mattoon, IL 61938. Please include desired class registration with letter of request and last year's tax forms

Lake Land College wishes to thank the following organizations that donated to the Lake Land College College for Youth scholarship.

--Karen Kull
--Mary Rogers
--Scott Drone-Silvers
--Kelly Pierce

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

District 517 residents age 65 or over who file the Senior Citizens Trustee Tuition Waiver form in the Accounting Office, sent at the time of registration, will be able to enroll in a credit course (CNC is the Community Learning credit course). Submit only one form each semester. Students pay fees and possibly a portion of the tuition. This is the amount you will pay, examples: ed2go online classes cost $9.99. Digital Photography costs $26.50.

Complete online form: or contact the Accounting Office at (217) 234-5214.

College closings due to severe weather

Announcements will be made on local radio, TV stations, and Lake Land College homepage or opt in for a text through LLC/IRIS system. Cancellation of day classes is not an automatic closing for evening sessions. If canceled, an announcement will be made by 4:30 p.m. Other than our LLC extension centers, classes held at off-campus locations follow the closing policy for that location.

Contact Us

If you require accommodations due to a disability, contact the Office of Student Accommodations at (217) 234-5259.

New class or instructor ideas? Questions or suggestions? Contact Community and Professional Programs, at or (217) 234-5467.



Email Notifications

If you want an email when new classes are added, please send us your email address.

We value your privacy and will not share your address with others.

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