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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for credit courses is based on your legal place of residence and charged on a per semester hour rate. Students must pay their tuition and fees in full by the due date.

Tuition charges and fees effective Summer 2016

Tuition Charges
(per semester hour)

In-district resident: $102.50
Out-of-district: $229.96*
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Out-of-state and International: $423.36* per semester hour
Indiana Residents of Vigo, Clay, and Parts of Parke and Vermilion Counties: $229.96 *

*Subject to change

Student Activity Fee*
Students enrolling for classes on campus, online, and at the Effingham Kluthe Center will be assessed $2.50 for each semester hour. No activity fee is charged for students enrolled in non-credit continuing education courses, off campus courses and administratively determined contractual courses. The Student Life section of the catalog explains uses of this fee.

*Subject to Change

Service Fee*
All students enrolled in College credit courses for one or more semester hours are required to pay a $21.30 per semester hour service fee. This service fee is comprised of fees for library technology services, registration/program change services, health services, textbook library services, computer network services and publication services. Access to Internet on campus is included in this fee.

*Subject to Change

Tuition and Fees for Internet Courses
Students enrolling in courses offered via the Internet will pay the in - district tuition rate, a course fee of $65 plus the service fees, rec center fees, and activity fees per semester hour. This charge applies to all students; out of district and out of state tuition charges will be waived.

Textbook Rental
The Textbook Library is part of the bookstore. Lake Land College is among the few colleges and universities across the United States that have a textbook rental system. All students are required to pay the service fee (see tuition and fees section of this schedule) which includes the purchase of textbooks for, and management of, the textbook library service.

It is estimated that full-time Lake Land students may save up to $1700 using the Textbook Library Services versus purchasing their books. Textbooks may be purchased at the request of the student. Refer to the textbook section of the college catalog for more details.

Course Fee (per course) Variable

Additional charges may be required for certain courses and programs to offset costs of consumable supplies. The amount of the fee is listed in the course description.

Tuition for Senior Citizens
District 517 residents age 65 and older who have filed the Senior Citizens Trustees Tuition Waiver form in the Accounting Office will be able to enroll in regularly scheduled credit bearing classes provided that classroom space exists and tuition paying students enrolled constitute the minimum number required for the course.The classes will be offered with no charge for tuition. The waiver does not apply to non-credit or contract classes.

The Senior Citizens Trustees Tuition Waiver form must be completed prior to enrolling each semester or term. Forms are available in the offices of Financial Aid and Accounting, or you can click here to download it in Adobe Acrobat format.

Tuition for Indiana Residents
The Lake Land Board of Trustees provides a special tuition rate for Indiana residents of Vigo, Clay, and parts of Parke and Vermilion Counties. Contact the Admissions and Records Office for more information.

Establishing In District Residency
To be classified as a resident of District 517, one must have occupied a dwelling in the community college district for 30 days immediately prior to the date established to begin classes at Lake Land College. Students who fail to meet the 30 day district residency requirement may not meet that requirement by attending classes at the college for 30 days or more.

Tuition Classification
Any change of tuition classification for students currently enrolled shall be determined by the Dean of Admission Services. Persons responsible for making tuition classification determinations are authorized to require such certificates, affidavits, documents, or other evidence as they deem necessary. In all cases, the burden of proof shall be upon the student making a claim to resident student status.

A student who provides false information or refuses or conceals information for the purpose of achieving resident status, or who fails to notify the Dean of Admission Services of a change of facts which might effect reclassification from resident to non-resident status, shall be required to pay retroactively any tuition fees which would normally have been charged and shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including, but not necessarily limited to, dismissal from the College.

Changes from Non-resident to Resident Status
It is the responsibility of the student to apply to the Dean of Admission Services for reclassification to resident status if the student believes that changes in facts justify such a reclassification. The College will not assume responsibility for initiating such an inquiry independently. The student may submit such an application in writing on a form approved by the Dean of Admission Services at any time after the appropriate domiciliary requirements have been met, but no later than 30 days after the day on which classes begin for the session for which reclassification is requested.

Changes from Resident to Non-resident Status
If a student is classified as a resident, either the student or the College may initiate a reclassification inquiry, based on changes in facts which would justify such an inquiry. An unemancipated resident student whose parents or legal guardian leave the district and establish domicile outside the district shall be reclassified to non-resident status, effective with the beginning of the next academic session following said change.

Payment of Tuition and Fees
Students may pay tuition and fees in cash, by check or bank card at the Accounting Office in the Student Center. The College accepts VISA and MasterCard for tuition and fees payment. Students who have received a bill may submit their credit card information on their billing statement and return it to the Accounting Office or pay online.

Refunds - Including Financial Aid
Refunds are authorized when the student properly drops a course. (Refer to Dropping Courses section.) Approved refunds are issued approximately four to six weeks after the start of classes and mailed to the student's address on file. After the initial disbursement, the Accounting Office will issue refunds bi-weekly.

Tuition and fee charges will be refunded 100 percent under the following conditions.

  1. Class is cancelled by college official
  2. A student drops a class(es) meeting 12 weeks or longer within the first 10 instructional days of the semester
  3. A student drops a class(es) meeting 8-11 weeks within the first five instructional days of the semester/module.
  4. A student drops a class(es) meeting 3-7 weeks during the first instructional day of the course
  5. A student drops a class(es) meeting less than 3 weeks prior to the first instructional day of the course

No refund/repayment will be authorized for withdrawals or changes made after the respective drop period.

Additionally, no refund/repayment will be issued if:

  1. A student is withdrawn by the college for disciplinary reasons.
  2. A student is withdrawn by the college for non-attendance.
  3. A student has financial obligations to the college.

Financial Aid Recipients should review the refund/repayment policy in the Student Financial Assistance section of the college catalog.

No refund will be authorized for withdrawals or changes made after the drop period

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