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Volleyball 8/28/15 - LLC 0 vs. Lincoln Land CC Tournament-Lincoln Land 3
Volleyball 8/28/15 - LLC 3 vs. Lincoln Land CC Tournament-Rend Lake 0
Volleyball 8/29/15 - LLC 3 vs. Lincoln Land CC Tournament-ICC 1
Volleyball 8/29/15 - LLC 0 vs. Lincoln Land CC Tournament-Laramie 3
Baseball 9/2/15 - LLC vs. Heartland Comm. College
Volleyball 9/2/15 - LLC vs. John A Logan College
Softball 9/4/15 - LLC vs. Calhoun College (DH)
Volleyball 9/9/15 - LLC vs. Lincoln Trail College
Baseball 9/12/15 - LLC vs. John Wood Comm. College
Baseball 9/12/15 - LLC vs. Illinois Central College
Softball 9/12/15 - LLC vs. University of Valparaiso
Softball 9/13/15 - LLC vs. Butler
Softball 9/13/15 - LLC vs. Purdue University
Softball 9/16/15 - LLC vs. Illinois State University
Volleyball 9/16/15 - LLC vs. Southwestern IL College
Baseball 9/17/15 - LLC vs. Danville Area Comm. College
Baseball 9/18/15 - LLC vs. Vol State
Baseball 9/18/15 - LLC vs. Heartland Community College
Volleyball 9/18/15 - LLC vs. Harper College Tournament-Harper
Volleyball 9/18/15 - LLC vs. Harper College Tournament-Black Hawk
Baseball 9/19/15 - LLC vs. Vincennes University
Volleyball 9/19/15 - LLC vs. Harper College Tournament-Waubonsee
Volleyball 9/19/15 - LLC vs. Harper College Tournament-Madison, WI
Softball 9/20/15 - LLC vs. St. Louis University
Softball 9/20/15 - LLC vs. SIU-Carbondale
Volleyball 9/23/15 - LLC vs. Rend Lake College
Baseball 9/24/15 - LLC vs. Robert Morris
Softball 9/25/15 - LLC vs. University of Missouri (DH)
Baseball 9/30/15 - LLC vs. Lincoln College
Volleyball 9/30/15 - LLC vs. Kaskaskia College
Baseball 10/1/15 - LLC vs. Iowa Showcase
Volleyball 10/2/15 - LLC vs. Kankakee CC Tournament
Baseball 10/3/15 - LLC vs. TBA
Volleyball 10/3/15 - LLC vs. Kankakee CC Tournament
Softball 10/3/15 - LLC vs. University of Louisville (EST)

Women's Basketball Bio

2 - Kassidy Bonebrake


Position: G

Year: Sophomore

Height: 5'5"

Parents: Kevin & Tammie Bonebrake

Hometown: Crawfordsville/Crawfordsville, IN

Awards: Top 100 Indiana Seniors Basketball, Most varsity letters for female athlete at CHS, All-County: tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball, All-Conference: tennis basketball, volleyball, Indiana Basketball Battle of the Borders

Major: Nursing

Favorite Food: cheese & peanut butter

Favorite TV Show: Dexter, Criminal Minds, Gossip Girl

Favorite Athlete or Team: Indiana Pacers, IU

Hobbies: playing sports, bring with friends & family

In 5 years I plan on being: a nurse

Favorite LLC Athletic Memory: beating Wabash Valley, Bria falling in the lane, Courtney's last second game-winning shot

Favorite Opponent: Wabash Valley, Parkland, Danville

Hero growing up: My oldest sister, Kodie

Person(s) I most enjoy spending time with: My nephews, Kohen & Beckett

People would be surprised that I can:

Biggest Fear: Cats, clowns

Proudest Moment: Signing to play at Lake Land College



Head Coach: David Johnson
Phone: 217.234.5446

Assistant Coach: Tom Titus

Assistant Coach: J.R. Hodges
Phone: 217.234.5339

Athletic Director: Bill Jackson
Phone: 217.234.5296

Athletic Trainer: Brian Morris
Phone: 217.234.5374

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