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Making Transfer Easy - IAI/General Education Curriculum

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) was designed to help Illinois college students transfer easily. A primary part of the IAI was the development of the General Education Core Curriculum which is transferable among more than 100 participating colleges and universities.

What is the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum (iTransfer Gen. Ed.)?
iTransfer Gen. Ed. is a package of lower-division general education courses that will transfer from one participating school to another and fulfill the lower-division general education requirements at your new (transfer) school. It is the starting point for your transfer destination. The core consists of 12 to 13 courses, or 37 to 41 credits. Students who do not complete the entire iTransfer Gen. Ed. Package should consult with an academic advisor regarding course transferability.

You can transfer courses in your major too!
In addition to being able to transfer general education courses, you also can transfer courses that will apply to specific baccalaureate majors. iTransfer Majors recommends freshman and sophomore level courses for students interested in specific majors. You can search for major courses and compare how courses will transfer between participating schools. Always consult with an academic advisor regarding course transferability.

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) agreement and the iTransfer website are designed to make transferring to any participating school as smooth as possible. When making transfer plans, always seek the advice of an academic advisor or admissions counselor at your current school and at the school you plan to attend.


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