How to Register and Add a Class - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

How to use IRIS

How do I register / add a class

  1.  Click on "Registration"
  2. Click on "Search & Register for Sections"

    Register - Step 1

  3. Select "Term" (fall , spring or summer)
  4. Leave the "Start/End dates" blank
  5. Insert "Subject". Ex. ENG, MAT etc.
  6. Insert "Course Number" (the 3 digit # your counselor wrote down next to the course abbreviation)
  7. Leave the "Section Number" blank. This is what you will be looking up.
  8. At the bottom, under "Location", you may filter your search to a certain location. If you only want "On Campus" classes, this will bring up ONLY On Campus classes in the search.
  9. Click on "Submit
  10. Choose which section of each subject that you are interested in.
  11. Write down the section # in parenthesis and the times and days that each class meets on your schedule grid. DO NOT choose a section with that status of "CLOSED".
  12. The scheduling grid that you have been given can be used to organize this information.
  13. You will insert your "section" numbers into another screen to finalize registration.

    *If you see "(more)" in the meeting information area, you must click on the class title to find ALL the times that the class meets. The "Meeting Information" section in the middle list the days and times the class meets.

  14. DO NOT click submit at the bottom of the screen. If you click on submit you may get timed out of the registration system and see the screen below. If this occurs, hit the F5 button. You will probably lose the previous screen information.

  15. After you have chosen your classes and have section numbers (numbers in parentheses) for each class, you are now ready to finalize registration.
  16. Go to "Registration" from the main IRIS menu. (Scroll to the top and the menu is on the left).
  17. Click on "Express Registration" on the left hand side of the screen

  18. Enter the section number (335) (e.g. AUT-054-335) for one or more sections. Click "Submit". It does not matter what order you put them.
  19. Click on the "Action" drop down box and select "RG" or register for each section you wish to register for.
  20. At the bottom of the page – Click on "Submit".