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Current Student - Transferring Student

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I am planning to transfer, but I still need to take a class(es) at LLC.
Click on the title to the left and follow those steps. Additionally, continue to follow the steps below.
When and how do I apply for graduation from Lake Land College?
The intent to graduate form is usually filed within the semester the student plans on meeting his or her degree requirements.
When should I discuss transfer options with LLC counselor?
Recommended 1st semester of freshman year
Explore transfer college's website
At your convenience. Websites are a great way to explore colleges you are interested in!
Visit or attend open house at transfer college
Freshman year
Explore admission Requirements at Transfer College
Every college admission policy is different. Check out college admission policies early in order to determine if you meet the requirements. Websites are a great place to start!
Apply to transfer school
Refer to admission policy of transfer institution.
Submit initial LLC transcript to transfer college
Check your transfer college's admission procedures to see when transcripts should be submitted. Also, be sure to check how your transfer college wants transcripts submitted.
Secure Housing at Transfer School
Check out housing information on your transfer college's website to see when you should apply for housing.
Begin Scholarship Search
Right away! Many colleges provide you with available scholarship information through their financial aid link on their website.
Attend Transfer Registration/Orientation Program
Your transfer college will provide you with the dates, times, and locations. Orientation is highly recommended and sometimes mandatory.
Submit health history and immunization record
All students admitted to universities in Illinois are required, by Illinois Law (Public Act) 85-1315, to provide proof of immunity for tetanus, diphtheria, measles, mumps, and rubella. Check with your transfer college to see what date your health records must be on file by.
Register for classes at transfer college
Check out your transfer college's website for the registration process.
Attend Welcome Activities at Transfer College
Check out your transfer college's activity calendar for these dates.

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