Environmental Wellness - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

Environmental Wellness

We often don’t think about Environmental Wellness as part of our wellness plan. However, our environment, and how we feel about it, can have a huge impact on the way we feel overall.

What is Environmental Wellness?

Central elements of environmental well-being include protecting yourself from environmental hazards (like ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, chemicals, pollution, second-hand smoke, etc.), while minimizing the negative impact our behavior has on the environment. Environmental Wellness includes trying to live in harmony with the Earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and taking action to protect the world around you. Another large part of environmental well-being includes leading a lifestyle that is respectful to our environment and minimizing any harm done to it.

How can I achieve Environmental Wellness?

Personal responsibilities:

  • Be aware of the earth’s natural resources and its limits
  • Be accountable for your use of the environments resources, both currently and in the long-term
  • Consider the effects your daily habits have on the world around you

Create a healthy personal environment:

  • Keep the company of healthy people
  • Stay active through recreational activities
  • Engage in environmentally responsible activities

Environmental wellness is a process. How are you doing?

  • Do you recycle?
  • If you see a safety hazard, do you take steps to fix the problem?
  • Do you volunteer?

Recycling at Lake Land College

Did you know Lake Land College has single stream recycling open to the community? Lake Land’s recycling program is in conjunction with the world’s largest waste service company, Veolia Environmental Services. Single stream recycling means that you can put ALL of your recyclables into the SAME BIN! This makes it very convenient to follow through with your recycling efforts. Simply rinse and recycle. You can bring your recycling to the bin behind the Student Center. It is also open to the community at no charge.