Student Fitness Center - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

PED 209/PED 210 Students

Fitness Center 1

    Important information:
  1. Sign-up for a mandatory orientation which will last approximately 1 hour
  2. The student should contact the staff to schedule an appointment within the first week of signing up for the class.
  3. Check-in/out procedures:
    • Swipe LLC ID or type in ID number at the counter.
    • Fill-out workout form and present to the staff on duty.
    • When leaving the SFC be sure to swipe out and complete the workout form to ensure the validity of the workout

The students working out for credit must complete a minimum of 1500 minutes (25 hours) for an “A”, 1350 minutes (22 1/2 hours) for pass/fail.

Grade/PED 209   Pass/Fail/PED 210; Summer/Grade   Pass/Fail
1500 m=25 hrs A 1350m=22hrs.30min 1000m=16hrs.40min A 905 P/F
1425 m=23hrs.45min B   955m=15hrs.55min B 15hrs.5min
1350m=22hrs.30min C   905m=15hrs.5min C  
1275m=21hrs.15min D   855m=14hrs.55min D  
1274m=21hrs.14min F        

The student may work out twice a day. The workouts cannot be consecutive and must have a two hour break between them. All workouts must take place in the Student Fitness Center. Workouts from other Fitness Centers will not count. Each workout must be a minimum of 30 continuous minutes to count and no more than 120 minutes a day. If the student is taking more than one credit they must complete one class at a time. Incorporate a 10 minute aerobic warm-up, a head-to-toe stretch and a 5-minute aerobic activity to finish the workout. Stretching is also recommended at the end of workout.

The student must be actively pursuing the completion of the course and be in regular attendance. If a student is unable to attain the desired number of minutes or grade they need to follow the proper procedures to drop the course. Each student should have half of their minutes completed by mid-term. The student will have until the last class day of the semester to complete their minutes. There are extra days built into the semester where a student could come and work out when there are no scheduled classes. There are no make-up days due to inclement weather should the college be closed. There are no incompletes given for this course.

SFC Phone: (217)234.5339

Monday - Thursday
*The last workout must
be started by 7:15pm

*The last workout must
be started by 5:15pm

Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday
*The last workout must
be started by 5:15pm

Fitness Center 3