Learning Assistant Centers - Lake Land College, Mattoon Illinois

Website Resources/Suggestions for Review and Preparation

Preparing for the Assessment Test

All degree-seeking students and/or students planning to enroll in a math or English course must have ACT or Lake Land College placement test scores on file. Students will be mandatorily placed in appropriate courses based on placement test scores. The scores indicate areas of strength and areas which need improvement and will be used to place students into the correct English, math, and/or reading course. Preparation for these tests can include a review of math skills from basic computation through Calculus, a review of English grammar and usage, and practice in reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Listed below are some suggested web sites to assist students in this review process.

Special Arrangements for Student with Disabilities

Students who have been identified as having a documented disability may wish to make arrangements for placement testing accommodations. This can be done by contacting the Office of Student Accommodations at (217) 234-5259.